10 Most Efficient Players: Champions League

Michele TardioliContributor IIOctober 11, 2010

10 Most Efficient Players: Champions League

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    Using IMScouting's unique report generator, I have calculated which attackers have been the best value in terms of minutes played so far in this season's Champions League.

    Weighing up the number of goals and assists contributed with the number of minutes played in the competition so far, I've tried to find out who is the most effective player in the competition so far this term. Messi, Eto'o, Ozil, Crouch are some of the names you can find here.

Andreas Ulmer

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    #10 Andreas Ulmer - RB Salzburg

    Played 180 min, Scored 1 Goal and 2 Asst. 

    Avg. 60min for Goal/Asst.

Dimitris Salpigidis

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    #9 Dimitris Salpigidis - PAOK

    played 180min. one goal and 2 asst. 

    Avg. 60min per Goal/Asst. 

Wesley Sneijder

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    #8 Wesley Sneijder - Inter

    Played 180 min, 2 Goals and one Asst. 

    Avg. 60min per Goal/Asst. 

Rafael Van Der Vaart

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    #7 Rafael Van Der Vaart - Tottenham

    Played 110min. one goal and one asst. 

    Avg. 55min for Goal/asst. 

Michel Bastos

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    #6 Michel Bastos - Lyon

    Played 160min, had 3 goals

    Avg. 53.3min per Goal/Asst. 

Peter Crouch

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    #5 Peter Crouch - Tottenham

    Played 246 min, had 4 Goals and 1 Asst.

    Avg. 49.2min per Goal/Asst.

Nicolas Anelka

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    #4 Nicolas Anelka - Chelsea

    Played 180 min, 3 goals and 1 asst. 

    Avg. 45min for Goal/Asst. 

Lionel Messi

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    #3 Lionel Messi - Barcelona

    Played 120min. 2 goals and one asst. 

    Avg. 40 min for Goal/Asst. 

Andrey Arshavin

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    #2 Andrey Arshavin - Arsenal

    Played 153min, 2 goals and 2 asst. 

    Avg. 38.2 min per Goal/Asst. 

Samuel Eto'o

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    #1 Samuel Eto'o - Inter

    Played 180min. 4 Goals and 1 Asst. 

    Avg. 36 min per Goal/Asst.

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    All data was taken from IMScouting Report Generator.