Alabama Football: 10 Reasons Tide Will Still Win National Title

Jim FolsomContributorOctober 11, 2010

Alabama Football: 10 Reasons Tide Will Still Win National Title

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    South Carolina pulled off the upset of the year, maybe of the last decade on Saturday when they beat an Alabama team that had not lost since the Sugar Bowl on New Year's of 2009.

    It was an impressive run for the Tide when you consider they beat the Legend known as Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators, winners of two BCS titles in three years and one win away from a third in four.

    They also took down Texas Legend Colt McCoy and an unbeaten Texas Longhorn team looking for their second title in a five year span themselves.

    The Tide looked to be well on their way to back to back titles themselves but the Ole Ball Coach himself had other ideas. Perhaps the OBC was ticked off that the Tide ruined his beloved alma mater's perfect season a year ago. Maybe he finally has his mojo back and is looking for a second ring himself so he can throw it in Mack Brown's face too.

    But whatever the reason, he and his Gamecocks have ruined the Tide's year. Or have they?

#1 It's Still Early

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    History is full of one loss championship teams. To do this you must lose early. Only the 1996 Florida Gators come to mind as a champ who lost late when they lost to FSU the last week of the regular season. All this proves is that Bama's loss is plenty early enough. The last one loss champ, Tim Tebow's Gators lost about this time of year.

#2 The Schedule

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    The Tide still has games left with unbeaten Auburn and unbeaten LSU. Plus they have a very good chance that they will get a shot at South Carolina again. Those are three teams they should beat but at the same time, look good on a resume.

#3 Other Top Ten Teams Have Some Roadblocks Ahead

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    There are a lot of teams ahead of Alabama right now, but they all have some tough games ahead. Ohio State still has Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan.

    Oregon still has UCLA, USC, and Arizona.

    Boise State still has Nevada

    TCU has Air Force and Utah

    Nebraska has Texas, Oklahoma State and Missouri. Plus a probable matchup with Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship  Game.

    OU has Missouri, Okie State and the aforementioned Nebraska game.

    All the Tide needs is a few of those games to go their way.

#4 The SEC Reputation

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    Four BCS Titles in a row for the SEC gives the winner of the SEC a bit of an advantage. If there are not two unbeaten teams to send to the title game, then the winner of the SEC looks like a pretty good choice.

#5 History

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    Let's be real. Alabama has an advantage because they are Alabama. Everybody knows them. You say Boise State and people say huh? You say Alabama...

#6 Television

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    Almost every SEC game is on TV every week. Not only do people see Alabama, they see all their opponents every week. Who else has this advantage?

#7 Greg McElroy

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    The man hadn't lost a start since 2001. You think he'll lose another any time soon?

#8 Tennessee Is Awful

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    In a normal year, a roadie in October at Neyland would look like a huge trap game. But not this year. UT Bama games are traditionally tough and many times end in upsets. It won't happen this time. UT is terrible. They celebrate wins over Alabama alright. Alabama-Birmingham.

#9 Talent

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    Nobody has more talent than Alabama. Check the recruiting rankings since Saban took over. Which leads me to to main reason...

#10 Nick Saban

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    Love him or hate him, he is the best coach in the game today. He can take his'n and beat your'n and then take your'n and beat his'n, Just ask LSU. Don't blink on him Bama. Dallas lost again this week.