Bound For Glory: The 'Swerve Heard Round The World, What It May Bring and More

James ChiofaloContributor IOctober 11, 2010

Bound for Glory ended a few hours ago, and already the "Bleacher Report" Is on fire. In the days building up to Bound for Glory, this website had almost NOTHING concerning Bound for Glory, however right after, articles concerning this PPV exploded onto the scene faster than a forest fire. Now there is only one question. What will this bring?

Just in case you didn't hear, Jeff Hardy is heel. So is Hogan, Bischoff, Jarrett and of course Abyss. Also, this group is officially "they". This isn't surprising except for perhaps the heel turns of Hardy and Jarrett which I assume almost no one expected. However, where can TNA go from here? Also, how does this affect TNA as a whole?

I want to go back as early as I can. This is a few months back when a "conspiracy" arose in TNA. What this conspirator is, was unknown at the time. This conspiracy gained the likes of Sting, and Kevin Nash, and D'Angelo Dinero into it. They warned that Hogan and Bischoff were up to no good, and that there was a "Deception" in TNA. At the time this came out, we all quickly dismissed this as a terrible storyline containing wrestlers that didn't want to give up spotlight, and it honestly did. We had Nash, who quite frankly, isn't exactly enthusiastic when it comes to pushing younger talent. Then we have Sting, who doesn't mind doing such, but would prefer not to. Then there's a younger talent who has a "big head" backstage. In total, it seemed like it was a combination of 3 ego maniacs with a stale storyline.
Never did I expect (and I doubt many people in general expect) that this "deception" involved THEY. In fact, I personally thought THEY was initially Sting, and Nash. As a result (and since Nash stated on Twitter that this was his last match with TNA) Sting and Dinero are now the "faces" of this storyline, and surprisingly, Hogan and Bischoff were the heels. However, what can this lead to?
Currently we have Dinero and Sting on one side. Sting had a partnership in the NWO, and eventually had a nice hot feud which lasted a decent amount of time. On the other side we have Hogan, and a wrestler whom has been under Hogan's tutelage named Abyss. On one side we have the Black Pope, and on the other, we have a psychotic monster of a human being. On one side, we can say that we have veteran vs veteran. However on the other side, we have 2 relatively younger wrestler, who still have many years ahead of them.

Now I want to go to Jeff Hardy. No offense to TNA, but there are no points for originality here. The biggest face (that was only heel for maybe a week or so) goes heel. Was it surprising, but WCW did it before. However, where does this lead for Hardy and his Championship.
I will take the obvious road first. Hardy and Anderson. This will probably be a feud, and it definitely will not be a long one, since Hardy's heel turn will involve him legitimizing his character and championship reign with many recently made enemies (which starts with his BFG opponents).
Next on the path of obviousness is Kurt Angle and his retirement. Angle said if he loses a match he will retire. After this match though, I am very doubtful he will retire since Angle was quite frankly "screwed" out of the championship. We definitely can expect a feud between Angle and Hardy.
Then there's the RVD and Hardy feud. These 2 showed that they definitely can put on a great match together. They are good friends. They both have had stellar matches involving weapons, and matches with just a wrestling ring. With Hardy's recent swerve to heel, expect these 2 to have a nice heated rivalry.

Now that I have gotten the obvious possibilities out of my way, I can go to the least obvious one. It involves an indefinite suspension and an early return. It involves a time limit and a production crew. It involves a ten minute match that could steal the show if there were no time limit. It involves Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy.
As we all know, Samoa Joe was suspended during this year for having an outburst to the TNA production crew due to them spoiling a fun fun fun match involving him and Jeff Hardy. His suspension was expected to be longer by myself, however he came back and was soon put into the feud involving Sting, Nash and Jarrett. Being on Jarret's side Joe (as well as much of the IWC) believed that Joe was working with a face, when in actuality he was working with a person who would turn on him in the end of it all.
Now we fast forward to the present. After Samoa Joe inevitably feuds with Jarrett, what could TNA do? TNA could acknowledge the 10 minute match and as a result create a feud involving Joe and Hardy. This is a match that is a few months in the making. The match was a decent length, and we saw so much that these 2 men could possibly do in the ring together.
This could be a great back-up plan just in case Hardy does actually go to prison for drug charges. Joe would return to the power and ferocity he once had, and regain the title, and Hardy would have a nice title reign.

Now we come to the company itself. Last week on TNA, Dixie Carter was attacked by Abyss, and as a result signed a contract out of fear for her health and safety. What was on this contract? At the time, anyone to question it. However, after Bound for Glory, we realize something. Dixie never read the contract. In her fear for her safety, she signed it since she trusted Bischoff. Now here's the question: What was on the paper that Dixie had to sign?
I will bet money that Dixie just handed control of TNA to Hogan and Bischoff. It all fits not. Bischoff decided that Abyss should scare Dixie, and in her fear she would sign the contract blindly without thinking. It's a fun way to develop the storyline even further, setting the wheels for much, much more to come.

However, now that we know who "They" is, what will happen to those not currently in the storyline? Fortune's feud with EV2.0 is apparently over, so what will happen to the younger stars? They go with Hogan and Bischoff. On "They"'s side, there are 3 wrestlers that are physically able to wrestle on a consistent basis (Jarrett, Abyss, and Hardy) and one that is coming off of back surgery (Hogan). On the opposing end, we have Sting, Dinero, Angle, Anderson, Joe and RVD. Sure, since "They" have control of the company, these wrestlers could be punished if they fight back, but where would be the fun in that? Now we have more that can happen. For example, Sting and Flair shared the ring a few times in the past. One of those times was a passing of the torch. Another time, was he last match in WCW. They would again be on opposite sides of the court, I am not 100% sold on that idea, but I am almost definitely sure that TNA is planning this. It is right down their alley, and fits with much of what TNA has been about.

There is one more issue I would like to address. It involves the WWE in a sense, however it more importantly involves one man. Matt Hardy. He has said himself that he is not happy with his current state of affairs, and that TNA is defintely where he wants to go.
This leaves the perfect opening for HArdy. You have 2 brothers that have worked together. They worked against each other. They innovated match types and moves. They have watched each other's rise and fall.
What if Matt came in as a face. What if we had the Hardy feuds, but FINALLY in reverse. A modern day Hardy Brothers feud involving Tables Ladders and Chairs. A Hardy feud where Matt won't just wrestle his brother, but actually will have an aim. A feud where he will finally compete for a championship against his brother.
This sounds unoriginal, but how many times have they wrestled one another for a shot at a title that has prestige behind it (aka not the Hardcore championship). Many would agree that Matt Hardy deserves better treatment than he currently gets. If Matt finally is allowed to leave WWE, he has a feud waiting for him.


This was my analysis of what could possibly happen as a result of Bound for Glory, and the more I think about it, the more I wonder about the stupidity of Hogan and Bischoff in respect to writing. There was so much build up, and every chance they got, Hogan and Bischoff promoted feuds which all led to the one central point called Bound for Glory.


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