10/10/10 TNA Bound For Glory : A Step in The Right Direction For TNA

Toby ShevlinContributor IOctober 10, 2010


The date has been spoken over and over again in the last few weeks.  Between Abyss constantly spitting it directly into the camera and Tinay and Tazz spouting it every other five minutes I was honestly sick of hearing the date.  Regardless the day came and TNA Bound for Glory has just ended.   Honestly I must say it’s the best of TNA I’ve seen so far.  Were all the matches great? Of course not.  Did they surprise the hell out of me at the end?  Absolutely. 

Match 1 – Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me

                This match was everything I was hoping it would be.  Two great young tag teams doing their all to make people remember why tag team wrestling is terriffic.  After the best of 5 series vs Beer Money I thought there was no way a match could make me this excited again and no I’m not saying it was as good as those 5, but it was damn close (5/5). 

                Result: Motor City retains the titles

Match 2 – Madison Rayne vs Tara vs Angelina Love vs Velvet Sky

                This match was pretty much what I expected.  Nothing too exciting, but a solid match overall.  Not too sure why the ladies were tagging in and out, even the announcers seemed confused at the beginning.  (3/5)

                Result: Tara is the new TNA Knockouts Champion

Match 3 – Eric Young & Orlando Jordan vs Ink, Inc

                This match was pretty much just filler, not a long feud coming in and no real heat between the two teams.  Eric Young did make me laugh a couple times so it wasn’t all that bad.  With EY costing them every match however, I see this turning into a fued rather than a long running tag team. (2/5)

                Result: Ink, Inc  win

Match 4 – Lethal vs Douglas Williams

                I was a little confused by this match.  Tinay announced that Flair and Williams had decided to cash in the rematch clause, but I could have sworn Amazing Red was slated for this match.  I’m not a hardcore spoiler guy so the reason for the switch may have been announced elsewhere, if so I’m sure someone else will touch on it.  Overall an ok match, crowd was surprised me by being split over who they were rooting for.  Williams has one of the best finishers in the game, but in the end Lethal took advantage of Williams going high risk. (3/5)

                Result: Lethal retains the X-Division belt

Match 5 – Abyss vs RVD

                I’ll admit this match irritated me a bit.  RVD spen the first 5 minutes of the bout doing more shameless selfpromoting than wrestling.  We get it you’re RVD, you’re a god in your own mind, get on with it.  When Abyss finally got a couple shots in this match picked up.  Good use of tables, rolling thunder over the top rope into the table was pretty sweet, and RVD falling into the barbed wire board also nicely done.  In the end it was what I expected, solid match. (4/5) P.S. the crossed out PG sign in the crowd was awesome. 

                Result : RVD wins (shocking I know)

Match 6 – Sting/Nash/Pope vs Jarrett/Samao Joe

                Jeff Jarrett played cheerleader for the entire match (with that Farrah Fawcett hair I found it fitting) and Joe fought well against the three men.  In the end Joe went for the tag and Jarrett moved away, leaving Joe to get beat down and jack knifed by Nash. (3/5)

                Result : Sting/Nash/Pope win

Match 7 – Team 3D

                Ok so it wasn’t a match, but it was worth mentioning.  Team 3D came out and announced their retirement.  But they want to go out on their terms.  One last match for the TNA Tag Team Championships versus the Motor City Machine Guns.  I have little doubt the Guns will accept.

Match 8 – Leathal Lockdown – EV2 vs Fortune

                Another match that didn’t really surprise me.  Good back and forth as each member entered the ring to create or nullify Fortune’s advantage.  The blood flowed freely, weapons were used all around, and in the end Dreamer pinned AJ after a Dreamer Driver into a chair.  It was a bit of cluster  at the end, but with 10 men and that many weapons that’s bound to happen.  Looks like EV2 isn’t going anywhere (barring a mass retirement on Thursday).  I liked the whole EV2 angle at first, was good to see some of those guys again, but now I’m over it. (3/5)

                Result : EV2 wins

Match 9 – Angle vs Hardy vs Anderson

                 The TNA title match, was better than I was hoping.  With these three men and the matches that had been involved in lately I knew it was going to be good and it was.  After a plethora of high impact three man moves, the powerbomb/superplex being my favorite, the referee gets decked.  As the announcers are calling for a new ref Bischoff’s music hits and he comes stamping down chair in hand life a man on a mission.  Angle and Hardy are splayed out in the ring Anderson outside and Bischoff rears back to smash Angle and boom Hogan’s music hits and the immortal one himself comes down the ramp on crutches and into the ring.  In the back and forth Bischoff grabs a crutch and looks to crack Hogan till Hardy gets up and takes the other crutch.  He rears back to smash Bischoff, and turns a 180 and slams into into Angle, he grabs the other crutch as Anderson jumps in the ring and the Asshole gets it.  Yes indeed, Jeff Hardy has turned heel.  Here comes Abyss and Jarrett, and “They” are finally revealed.  RVD comes down to the ring to ask Hardy wtf and Jeff decks him with the title (honestly my favorite part of the entire PPV).   (5/5)

                Result : Jeff Hardy is the new TNA World Champion

This PPV left TNA with a lot of questions and just a few answers.  Will Tara being the champ destroy her alliance with Madison?  Will Team 3D get their last wish?  Will Amazing Red ever be more than a dark match talent?  Are Sting & Nash good guys again?  Will EV2 ever die? 

With this being TNAs biggest PPV of the year I’d say they did an excellent job of keeping the fans on their toes.  “They” were revealed and I must say I liked how it was done.  Hardy as a face was boring for me and his turn will inevitably lead to the Hardy/RVD match that many want to see.  I know that many of you may disagree with my assessment of this PPV and more power to you, but I enjoyed it.

In the end this PPV is what I love about wrestling.  When they pull the wool over my eyes and catch me completely off guard.  Well done TNA, well done.