The Mike Singletary Era is Over: 49ers Embarassed on National TV

Ken StansellContributor IIOctober 10, 2010

Mike Singletary is Done as the 49ers Head Coach.  Big promises - Major Disappoinment.
Mike Singletary is Done as the 49ers Head Coach. Big promises - Major Disappoinment.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If anyone was still wondering if the 49ers Coaching Staff is dysfunctional, all we needed to see was David Carr getting ready on the sideline to apparently go in, only to see an argument ensue on the sideline between Mike Singletary and Alex Smith and then see Smith go right back in.

While Smith is likely not the quarterback of the future, and whomever is the new coach and/or GM needs to simply let Smith go this off-season with his contract expiring, we can't hang all of the 49ers woes on Smith.

This is pure organizational and coaching dysfunction. The talent is on this roster. Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, Patrick Willis. This is not, and should not be an 0-5 team. Simply put, the 49er coaches can't coach, at least not under the leadership of Singletary.

The 49ers coaching staff sticks with Gore tonight despite his two fumbles. Where is Anthony Dixon? Where is Brian Westbrook. You sit a player down if it is not his night. 

Someone on the coaching staff had to have told Carr to start getting ready. Who told him to sit back down? Who is in charge on this coaching staff? 

Win or lose tonight, the 49ers need to fire Singletary. 

The official Singletary firing countdown has begun; at least in most fans minds. Most likely, Singletary will coach the 49ers against the Oakland Raiders and he will be fired after the game giving the 49ers the Bye Week to regroup.

The Singletary era ended tonight on national TV.  The only thing left is for someone in the 49ers "organization" to make it official.