Top That: Jeff Hardy Turns Heel

RiZESenior Writer IOctober 10, 2010

Yes fans you read it right. Jeff Hardy is officially a heel. For months the Icon Sting said "they" were trying to take over TNA. Abyss walked around saying "they" were coming. Being that I'm pretty good with predictions, I knew it was coming.

Subtract Hardy and add Angle or Anderson. I've been a devoted wrestling for over a decade, and. I thought I would never see Jeff Hardy cheating to win a title, let alone a match. Going into Bound For Glory, I would of bet my B/R membership on Kurt Angle winning the title.

Hardy is still facing jail time stemming from a drug charge. Putting the TNA Title on Hardy would've been irrational. He could go to jail at any time, and I didn't think TNA would take the risk. They threw us all a curve ball because no one saw it coming. Not with Hardy.

When the Icon announced a takeover, I knew Bischoff and Hogan were up to something.

It was hard piecing everything together. Rob Van Dam seemed unaware of the plan so I easily wrote him off. Anderson was showing obvious signs of a heel turn, but he's crazy over so I wrote him off to. Joe was also clueless about the situation.

They made it seem to obvious on who "they" were. Why would Abyss just attack Hulk when he saved him from termination.

Then I turned to Kurt Angle. Why not? Angle had turned heel multiple times in the past. He had everything to gain. The World Title or his Career. Spoilers helped me out, noting Sting, Pope, and Nash would turn face once "they" were revealed.

I just needed the Center piece of the puzzle. It was under my nose and I ignored it.

Now the questions are is this the end of Kurt Angles Career?

How will they follow up on this?

How will RVD and Anderson respond to Hardy's turn?

Where does Dixie Carter fit in?


I don't know about you guys, but TNA definitely has my attention. Let's see if the WWE can Top That.