WWE Smackdown Review: They Have The Edge at Bragging Rights

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2010

Edge vs. Jack Swagger Match

Teddy Long introduced Edge, who received a huge pop from the WWE Universe. Edge defeated Swagger after a spear.

I am not sure why they felt it was necessary to add Michael Cole to the announcing team. I believe Stryker and Todd were a great team.

It appears that Swagger is in this program with Edge to put him over as heel. I prefer the ruthless persona of Swagger over his current silly "Eagle mascot" gimmick. The man was world heavyweight champion a few months ago, and now he is stuck with this?

Who would have thought that both members of Rated RKO would be the top babyfaces in the company a few years later.

Match Rating: 8/10


Cody Rhodes Promo Video

Dental hygiene tips from “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. It was interesting to hear Stryker mention Yankem DDS.

It is curious that these promos air without his tag-team partner McIntyre.

Promo Rating: 6/10


Layla vs. Kelly Kelly Match

Layla defeated Kelly Kelly after hitting the Layout.

I was surprised to see the Bella Twins get the victory over Lay-Cool. I don’t see that going anywhere. The Bella Twins are terrible.

This was a throwaway match. “Smelly” Kelly losing didn’t do anything for either of them.

Match Rating: 5/10


Big Show Segment

Big Show announced that he was named the captain of Team Smackdown for Bragging Rights. He advised everyone that Hornswoggle was the team’s mascot.

The Dude Busters interrupted Big Show and made their way to the ring. They said that they wanted to be on Team Smackdown. They told him that if he didn’t put them on the team, they would ask for a trade and represent RAW. They would next reveal their RAW shirts where Big Show gave them a double choke slam.

Is the Big Show the tag-team division killer or something? He destroyed Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins a few weeks ago in a handicap match. I hope that they aren’t planning the same for next week with the Dude Busters.

Segment Rating: 6/10


(Tag Team Champions) Rhodes and McIntyre vs. Kaval and Kofi Kingston Match

Rhodes pinned Kaval to retain the tag team championship.

Kofi and Kaval became a tag team because they bonded while playing a video game?

I have heard rumors that they are breaking up the Hart Dynasty.

Archer and Hawkins are done as a team. Hawkins attacked Archer after their match on Superstars.                                                             

It looks like we get tag teams like Borne/Henry. The tag team division in the WWE is dead.

Match Rating: 7/10


Kane Segment

Kane talked about his plan to end the Undertaker. He reflected on Paul Bearer’s betrayal at Hell In a Cell, which led to his victory over the Undertaker.

This entire segment was done with dark parlor music, which made it seem too much this time.

Segment Rating: 6/10


(Intercontinental Champion) Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP Match

Dolph Ziggler defeated MVP after hitting the Zig Zag.

I liked the backstory involving Ziggler, Katelyn, and Vicki.

Katelyn distracted MVP long enough to let Ziggler hit his finisher. After the match, Vicki came out to the top of the ramp and was visibly angry about Ziggler and Katelyn’s distraction.

Match Rating: 8/10


Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio Match

Rey Mysterio defeated Del Rio after an off-the-top-rope splash.

During the match, Mysterio was going to attempt a 619 on Del Rio when the ring announcer distracted him. Mysterio escaped an attack from Del Rio and got the victory.

The Rated PG Superstar finally got the upper hand on Del Rio. I believe their feud will continue and Del Rio’s major heel push will continue.

Match Rating: 8/10



Final Thoughts

I don’t miss Matt Hardy at all.

I still can’t understand why they seemingly always break up tag teams after their championship run.

What was the purpose of splitting up Cryme Tyme? JTG and Shad are nowhere to be found on television. The same will happen to Hawkins and Archer. If the Hart Dynasty are going to be separated, I would like them to keep both Tyson Kidd and DH Smith as faces and not feud like they often fall back to.

Tyson Kidd will emerge as a major singles star if he is handled correctly. They have terribly mishandled Evan Bourne on RAW and Kaval. Kaval was riding huge fan support and the writers decided he should lose all his matches? Bourne was immensely popular and, aside from his victory over Jericho, his run on RAW has been less than stellar.

It was a Grade-A overall show, but it had its highlights. Edge coming to Smackdown will give the show its much needed replacement for Christian.

Why haven’t they found anything for CM Punk? He is truly the MVP of Smackdown, yet he has no programs with any top stars.

Final Rating: 7/10