Was Summerslam the Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer?

steve ryanContributor IAugust 18, 2008

After spending $40 dollars on WWE Summerslam 2008, I have to ask: Was it really worth it?

A lot of people look forward to the pyro to be loud, long, and awesome. The pyro did start out with a bang, so that was good, but not a traditional summerslam pyro with the curve.

The first match to kick it off was Jeff Hardy vs MVP. The match wasn't as good as I expected because of the fact that MVP was dominating the whole time. At the end of the match, Hardy was about to attempt the swanton bomb on MVP, but he got interrupted by Shelton Benjamin. MVP delivered the driveby kick to pick up the victory.

The next match was the inter-gender winner-takes-all match, which sucked. It was like any old match, but Santino, thinking he's the man, went against Mickie and got his ass kicked. But when Beth pulled her finisher on Mickie to pick up the win, I got upset because so far the PPV had a been sucking since the start.

The third match was for the ECW title and only lasted 38 seconds, because after Hardy pulled the twist of fate on Mark Henry early, Tony Atlas pulled out Hardy and started swinging at him. To do it was a DQ, but when Hardy came out to assist his brother, then it got better by getting rid of Atlas and Henry.

The first champioship of the night finally started to brighten things up a bit were CM Punk went one-on-one with JBL. The match was a toss-up with Punk using his speed skills and JBL using his power skills, but when Punk picked up JBL for the GTS and hit him with it, it was over and CM Punk proved that he wasn't a second-rate champion like all the people think he is.

FINALLY!!! the match most of the people have been waiting for: Triple H vs the great Khali. the match kicked off with Khali on the charge for 3/4 of the match. Triple H has never taken a beating like that before.

Triple H tried to pull of the pedigree three times in the whole match, and as they say, the third time's a charm when The Game hooked both of Khali's giant arms to deliver the biggest pedigree ever and pick up the win. Everyone knew that no one can play The Game.

The battle of who's better, John Cena or Batista, was the fifth match. Well, no one knows for sure the answer, but this match would finally tell who was the best out of six years in the making.

The match was a roller coaster ride through the whole entire thing. Cena was the first person to pull off his finisher, of the fu, but he only got a near fall on it. Cena then climbed to the top and went for his turn buckle leg drop, and Batista stunningly grabbed him and power bombed him, but he only got a two-count too.

Batista was enraged and you could see it—he kicked Cena's head and gave him the Batista bomb to pick up the win.

Now finally came the main event of the night: Undertaker vs Edge in a Hell in a Cell.

Edge came out as his phsyco self—that started three weeks ago. The Undertaker came back and got a fan reaction like no other. This match will go down as one of the greatest Hell in a Cell matches ever, right along side Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker in 2002.

Tables, ladders, and chairs played a big part in this match, with both men using them all. Edge managed to get the undertaker on to the table to preform that move he did to Mick Foley using all weapons.

The next thing that was amazing was when Edge managed to spear the Undertaker through the cage to break it. Undertaker finally got back in this game to pull off a lot of Edge moves, which was very odd.

In the end, Undertaker choke-slammed Edge through two tables. Undertaker then got Edge in the tombstone to pick up the win.

As Undertaker was walking away, he saw Edge moving and returned back to the ring. He set up two ladders and put edge on one of them and climbed the other and choke-slammed him straight to hell, as Edge went through the ring and Undertaker made fire in the hole to seal the deal, ending the PPV.