WCW Was Not A Bad Wrestling Company, Stop Buying Everything WWE Tries To Sell

ReDevilContributor IIIOctober 14, 2010

I was reading an article by a fellow Bleacher, Rize, "http://bleacherreport.com/articles/490613-the-debate-whos-better-sting-or-the-undertaker" and after seeing that the Undertaker, who is one of my favorite wrestlers, being chosen as the better wrestler among the two, well it got me thinking.

Over the years the WWE has established itself as the franchise of professional wrestling and rightfully so. Vince McMahon, the wrestling genius has changed the wrestling world in such a way that everything revolves around the WWE.

So with that being said, please lets not buy the crap about WCW that the WWE tries to sell. Sure WCW had its bad times but that doesn't overshadow the good things that WCW has done for the wrestling business.

Let's please not focus on the Vince Russo booking and David Arquette as the World Champion but let's think about the fact that if it had not been for WCW, we might be watching wrestling like it was in the 80's or early 90's.

WCW was the reason for the WWF to go into the Attitude Era, the nWo is probably the greatest stable in pro-wrestling history and WCW, along with the WWF revolutionized the entire business.

I'll even dare to say this, if it hadn't been for WCW, Steve Austin wouldn't have been as big as he is right now and Stone Cold's bad-guy character wouldn't have forced the "goody two shoes" Rocky Maivia to become The Rock.

Now, I must say that I have always followed WWE and no other wrestling promotion. However, I did not grow up in the era of the Monday Night Wars, I wish I had but sadly didn't, I feel that if it hadn't been for WCW, wrestling would not be as big as it is today.

Every Monday, the combined ratings of WCW and WWF would be like maybe 10.0, well around that mark. It didn't matter if people tuned into WCW or WWF, the bottom line was the industry was getting bigger and bigger.

I have watched The Rise and Fall of WCW probably over 15 times and even though there is a hint of WWE bias present in the documentary I really liked how the DVD ended with the past WCW wrestlers and JR stating that wrestling was bigger when WWF and WCW were going head to head and I remember JR saying something like, "WCW never did anything bad for the WWF/E. They were the team we played every Monday Night......" (I can't remember it all sorry guys.)

So I think its very safe to say that WCW has done a lot for the business and for its rival. And yet Vince McMahon doesn't give WCW the credit it deserves. Instead Vince seems to enjoy taking a shot at WCW whenever the opportunity is given.

WWE has owned WCW for a decade now and the only good things of WCW that were ever spoken in the WWE was in the DVD.

This year's Wrestlemania marks the 10 year anniversary of the fall of WCW and I'm really looking forward to the Hall of Fame which is WCW themed and I really hope that the WWE try and give their full and true respect to WCW.

WWF/E's greatest rival and the company that sparked the flames that changed pro-wrestling forever.