2008 Fantasy Football Sleepers and Value Picks Volume 3

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2008 Fantasy Football Sleepers and Value Picks Volume 3

Can you believe it? We are half way through the preseason and we are under two weeks away from the first real action of the 2008 NFL regular season.

Every second searching the web for info, listening to your suggestions and comments, watching preseason games and scanning box scores has me getting pretty jacked up.

I have two drafts next weekend and I am sure many of you are getting ready for yours. That said, here are a few players that you and I should be able to get late in our drafts and have success with in 2008.


Jon Kitna QB (DET) - Last year at this time he was in the top 10 of all QB’s. This year he is not even in most people’s top twenty and the mock drafts are reflecting that. Sure Martz is gone and they are looking to run it more - who isn’t - but he still has one of the best up-and-coming tandems in the league in Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson. I can think of many quarterbacks getting drafted before him with much less to work with.

Also, look for Jon to get better protection this year. Martz used a ton of 4 WR sets which leaves the QB vulnerable. This year look for more tight ends and fullbacks helping him out. And if you need a little more convincing, consider his “perfect” passer rating through two pre-season games. There is not much risk involved if you can get him late. Sounds like a QB2 with spot starting potential and a super solid value pick to me.

Running Backs

Chris Johnson RB (TEN) - One of the fastest guys a last year combine is generating some buzz. Last week he had a solid debut (77 yards and a TD) and according to coaches, he will be used in many different ways as both a running back and receiver - which is suh-weet for you PPR guys.

Here’s a quote from the NFL.com “What we learned” game notes:

“Rookie RB Chris Johnson (8 carries for 46 yards) is electric with the ball, providing the offense a burst of energy whenever he touches it.”

Reggie Bush in a Titans uniform.

Wide Receivers

Josh Morgan -WR (SF) - I heard this guys name twice from two completely different sources in the last few days and then I watch him for myself against the Packer Saturday night. Everyone around him is getting injured and he is turning heads.

These very credible sources are advising you and I to keep an eye on this guy. Pat Kirwin on NFL Sirius - one of my favorite sources - mentioned how much Morgan stood apart from everyone else in camp. For what its worth, Pat even mentioned a comment by one of the SF coaches comparing him to Anquan Boldin. The very next morning FootballGuy’s mentioned him in their newsletter.

If this guy can get ANY play out of the QB, this could be one of those guys who comes out of nowhere… kinda like, Anquan Boldin a few years back. Oh and his stats last night. 5 for 114 and a TD in limited action.

Jordon Kent WR (SEA) - I saw him against the Vikes a few weeks ago and he was getting looks and making plays. With Engram out for awhile and Branch doing what he does best, recover from injuries, Kent has a chance to step in and is looking like he is putting his best foot forward. Could be a solid pickup in a pass first offense. This week against the Bears, 4 catches for 50 yards.

Tight end

Robert Royal TE (BUF) - Two TD’s with the first team against the Steelers. I don’t even see his name on Fantasy Football Calculator’s average draft position rankings. If he’s getting looks from Trent Edwards now, don’t you think it a good bet he’ll be getting them during the season? Hell, maybe he’s the man that helps take some heat off Evans.

So do you agree or disagree?

Or did I miss anyone? Feel free to offer up your opinion in the comments below.

That should do it for today. Make sure that you check out 2008 fantasy football sleepers and value picks volume 1 and volume 2 if you haven’t had the chance. See you next week for volume four.

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