Hot Fuzz: Is Logan Mankins The Answer To a Lifeless Denver Broncos Running Game?

Dustin Maul@Maul_Goin_HAMContributor IApril 11, 2017

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos currently hold the leagues number 1 ranked passing offense. Kyle Orton has single-handedly put this team on his back--in turn throwing for the second most passing yards through 4 games (1,419 yards) Only Kurt Warner, leader of the "Greatest show on turf" has thrown for more yards than Kyle Orton.


So, with the Broncos absolutely destroying opponents through the air, everything is Mucho Bueno, right? Wrong. Let's face it, the Denver Broncos running game is bad--very bad. Last week, against the Titans, the Broncos averaged less then 2.0 yards per carry! No team is going to win many games with rushing yards like that.


The Broncos do, however, have some things that can be attributed to the porous running attack. 1) Knowshon Moreno and Corell Buckhalter have been battling injuries since the start of training camp. 2.) There is a lot of inexperience on the Offensive-line. (2 rookies in JD Walton and Zane Beadles starting, plus Stanley Daniels is 1st year starter.)


There have been many who have said that the NFL stands for  "Not For Long", and such is the case for the Broncos success if the cannot figure out a way to fix the anemic running game. By now you all, like myself, must be wondering, "what can the Broncos do to strengthen our running game?" I present to you, Hot Fuzz! Better known as Logan Mankins.


When I first presented this idea to several Bronco faithful, they scorned me for such a ridiculous idea. Many feel that we should try Zane Beadles out at LG before trading. But I counter them with this, we need an immediate contribution to the O-line woes.


Don't get me wrong, I love Beadles. But Mankins provides Immediate experience, he would strengthen an already good pass protecting line-- plus imagine how dominate the left side of the O-line would be with the likes of Clady and Mankins!


Let me know what you all think about this idea. I know that the Patriots are looking for a WR, a position that we are stacked at. We could make our weakest areas so much stronger with the addition of Logan Mankins!


"Certainly, this offense is built around being a balanced attack, and we'd love to get to that point."--Kyle Orton


Right now, we can't even run the ball, so we don't have an identity.... We're trying to establish that."--Daniel Graham.