Second Coming: Superstars I Wouldn't Mind Seeing Return To The Squared Circle

RiZESenior Writer IOctober 8, 2010

Second Coming: Superstars I Wouldn't Mind Seeing Return To The Squared Circle

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    The WWE has begun to grow stale in the past few months. Predictable matches, horrible PPVs, and absolutely atrocious booking. While some of u may disagree, the slump in ratings definitely proves the point that we're sick of seeing the same guys, holding the same titles over and over again.

    Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we??? 

    Remember about a decade ago? When the Texas Rattlesnake gave the Greatest Wrestler of all Time a stunner at Wrestlemania. The Attitude Era commenced, and I knew I would be a fan forever. Over time most of the wrestlers left to pursue other things like acting careers. 

    The WWE tried their hardest to due without some of their Superstars but it was just never the same.

    Recently we've all heard the rumblings of the return of perhaps the most popular WWE Superstar of all time. But nothing ever came of it.

    While we may never see some of these guys lacing up the boots again. I relived some of the eye popping moments they left me.

    So I wrote about those guys I would love to see come back to the WWE.

The Rock

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    My favorite wrestler of all time. The incomparable Peoples Champion, The Rock. The former seven time WWE Champion has had numerous feuds with Y2J, Triple H, Mankind, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, and perhaps the best of all. Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    Heel or face, you had to love this guy. Unlike some of the corny PG promo's cut today, The Rock cut some of the most memorable and absolute funny promo's of all time. No one can match the charisma of the Great One. If you can name someone who can cut a promo better than the Rock, you're absolutely insane.

    To his in ring ability. His match with Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 17, is (my opinion) the best match ever man! Creative noticed this too.

    He held every single title there was to win, he had the most WWE Title reigns before Triple H overtook him, he's without a doubt the Most Popular Wrestler of all time.

    Chance of Return

    The chances of Mr. Johnson returning to the WWE are very slim. The guy was paid more than any other actor for his film debut! In a interview earlier this year, he mentioned he was suppose to host Monday Night Raw. Films kept this from happening. He also informed us that he was going to return in the Summer for something BIG.

    Never came to fruition.

    In one of his most recent interviews, he said he doesn't think he will ever return to the WWE.

    Too bad.


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    The Unstoppable, Goldberg. His tenure with the WWE, was indeed very short. But dominant nonetheless. Running through major Superstars like The Rock, Christian, and Y2J. Before he set his sights on The Game, Triple H. 

    Around this time, we were all sick of HHH holding the World Title. I mean, the guy had the belt as much as Cena has the WWE Title now. Though his tactics were entertaining, it was time for a change. Goldberg finally defeated the Game to claim the World Title.

    His reign may have been short, but his tenure was like a breath of fresh air in the WWE. He went on to feud with that freak, Brock Lesnar. Setting up one of the most anticipated matches in Wrestlemania history. It was nowhere as near good as we expected and Goldberg made his departure.

    Chance of Return

    Wrestlemania will occur in Atlanta next year. Goldberg has been interested in stepping in the ring one more time. Just for his kids to see him live. 

    What a guy.

    Since we all know WCW was Atlanta based, there is talk of some of it's former Alumni joining the WWE Hall of Fame. We all hope to see The Man return to the ring one more time!

Trish Stratus

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    Did Michelle Mccool call herself the best WWE Diva ever?? I don't think so. Trish Stratus is without a doubt, the best women's wrestler ever. Trish had been wrestling for the WWE over five years before hanging up the boots in 2007. 

    Seven time Women's Champion, most on record. Has beaten every top women's wrestler of her time, not named Chyna.

    Unlike most of the current WWE Diva's, Trish rarely botched her moves in the ring. I actually was excited to see Trish wrestle, because I knew I was in for a show. The WWE Diva's Division is dying, fast. Though Laycool are entertaining, they can't help the inevitable fall of women's wrestling.

    With Melina, Gail Kim, and Natalya getting the short end of the stick, there's not many Diva's who can actually wrestle nowadays.

    Trish returning is just what the WWE needs, and If she were to come back, she would have my viewership.

    Chance of Return

    Trish is happily married, and working on tons of other projects right now. I don't see her returning to the WWE anytime soon, but when asked she always says "never say never".

Brock Lesnar

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    The Next Big Thing, Brock Lesnar. Definition of the words, Monster Heel. Brock made his debut in the WWE in 2002. Some of you call Sheamus rise to the top amazing. Well I dare you to watch Brock before he became WWE Champion.

    He was destroying ever person in front of him. Test, The Hardy's. Rob Van Dam were all victims of the F-5. He won King of the Ring only a few months into his debut.

    Set up his match with The Rock at Summerslam. What shocked me was that he won, cleanly. Thus becoming the youngest WWE Champion. His rampage continued with the Undertaker, before being halted by the Giant and Paul Heyman.

    He became a face afterwards. Won the Royal Rumble, and had one of the best matches ever with Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania.

    That's all in the first year!!!

    Brock continued with the WWE, until leaving to pursue a career in the NFL. After awhile,  he made his way to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He fights for real now! He won the World Title in his third Bout!!! He has proved his WWE days are behind him, but if he came back, I would definitely be in attendance!

    Chance of Return

    Brock is doing great in MMA right now, so I don't see a return to the WWE. He once said it would take a lot of cash to get him back in the WWE.

Shawn Michaels

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    Now HBK has only been gone a few months, but ask yourself this, don't things seem different without Shawn???

    The Greatest Wrestler of all time could make the Worst Wrestler look good in a match. Now that's saying something. Shawn had been wrestling for the WWE for over 20 years. We all know it was going to be hard seeing him go.

    He has beaten everyone there is to beat. Name em, if Ol' HBK hasn't kicked their teeth in, he's never gotten a chance to wrestle them. The Former Four time World Champion has memorable feuds with Triple H, Stone Cold, The Undertaker, and Chris Jericho.

    His matches with John Cena, The Undertaker, and Ric Flair have been ranked among the best. He has won Match of The Year the last six years! When it was announced that HBK would retire if he lost to Taker at Wrestlemania, I knew the outcome.

    Shawn had did everything there was to do, so he hung up the boots to go spend time with his family. 

    But I sure wouldn't mind seeing HBK lace up the boots one more time!

    Chance of Return

    HBK has been pretty vocal about never wrestling again. But when recently asked by a fan at an autograph session, he said he would but not in a wrestling role.