MMA: KJ Noons Victory This Saturday Could Possibly Give Us Diaz vs. Mayhem

Jake SauickieCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2010

When KJ Noons vs. Nick Diaz II was first announced, I have to admit, I wasn't too thrilled.

All I could think to myself was "why isn't Nick Diaz fighting Jason Miller?"

I was outraged. Ever since the post fight brawl at the Strikeforce: Nashville event, I wanted to see Mayhem Miller just pummel Nick Diaz.

Since that night, Diaz and Mayhem have been going back and forth, taking jabs at each other in the media telling each other to step up and fight.

But since Nick Diaz has made himself a "permanent" welterweight, the fight with Miller is out of the question.

Jason Miller hasn't fought at welterweight since 2005, when he was defeated by current UFC welterweight champion George St. Pierre. In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, he stated that he couldn't make welterweight because of how emaciated he would be.

Then soon after that, Noons vs. Diaz II was announced and I was puzzled by Strikeforce's decision.

But after watching the Strikeforce highlights of Diaz and Noons and seeing their first match these last few weeks, a thought occurred.

Could KJ Noons be just the guy to give us Nick Diaz vs. Jason Miller?

After thinking about it, I feel he is the one to do so and here is why.

When Noons and Diaz first fought, Noons dominated Diaz in every aspect of their fight. From the stand up game to the ground.

1. Noons' technical boxing was able to thwart Diaz's punches in bunches style.

2. Diaz was not able to take down Noons as easy as he thought he could.

3. Noons was able to avoid Diaz's Jiu Jitsu when the fight actually made it to the ground.

It's almost like KJ Noons is the Frankie Edgar to Nick Diaz's BJ Penn.

Noons has defeated Diaz once and captured the vacant Elite XC title in the process.

If he gets two wins over Diaz and takes the Strikeforce title from Diaz, I can only see Diaz either being a gatekeeper at welterweight for KJ Noons or going back up to middleweight.

So what first looked like an enormous blunder by Strikeforce just may be a blessing in disguise.

Either way I'm going to root for KJ Noons and hope he beats up Diaz worse than he did last time.

But we'll all just have to wait and see what unfolds tomorrow night when KJ Noons and Nick Diaz face off again.