Good Vs. Evil??? The thin line between faces and heels in professional wrestling

Curthis EhrhardtContributor IAugust 17, 2008

In professional wrestling there's always good guys and bad guys. Sometimes they switch roles, but its always there, and there's a thin line. For example, in the WWE, Triple H is a good guy with bad guy tendencies, while Edge is strictly a bad guy. Then you have Kane, who can go either way. But even he draws his battle lines. TNA, however, has finally reached the pinnacle of sports entertainment...they've made it almost impossible to pick a side.

See, for years in TNA, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles seemed to be the good guys, the guys you always knew would fight the oppression of the tyrants. And pretty much from the beginning, you knew Angle was a bad guy, and Booker T is clearly a bad guy. Then you had the middle men, guys like Abyss, Christopher Daniels, and others. But now, TNA has finally done the thing that every great wrestling company has to do...they've obscured the line.

See, when a good guy reaches the top, he has to make a choice...stay good, or go bad. Angle always seemed to go bad. Booker T always went bad. AJ Styles always went good when he was on top, whether he knew it or not. Samoa Joe, until recently, was always the good guy. But sometimes...they need a push to determine which way they'll fall.

This is where the genius of Jeff Jarrett and all the other guys in TNA has come into play. They have been able to take the ultimate good guy, Sting, and make it so that you don't know whether to boo or cheer him, nor whose side he's on. And they've taken Jeff Jarrett, generally considered the ultimate TNA bad guy, and done the same thing... and he hasn't even shown his face yet!!! Then they've thrown the biggest and baddest in the middle. AJ is losing it and attacking people after matches and getting his hands dirty, Samoa Joe is doing the same thing and losing control, and Kevin Nash is actually trying to keep the peace, something we're not used to seeing him do, while Kurt Angle and Booker T are being reserved and almost seem like the victims caught in the middle of a huge power struggle. This makes for a very exciting storyline, but begs the question: Can you cross the line too far? And is TNA doing that? Only time will tell. For now, suffice it to say that as long as they can keep it interesting, people will notice. And look for the WWE to follow suit, as they may be doing with Rey Mysterio, as they are starting to become dull and repetitive. In a time of bad storylines, TNA has definitely Crossed the Line, and in this writer's humble opinion, they are winning the race, but whether they can hold their lead or will ultimately falter is completely up to them.