Edge Traded To SmackDown- I Can Tell Who Has Gone To RAW

Andy The Bad GuyCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2010

Hello Bleachers I'm back!! After some months of sticking to  writing comments rather than  articles I have returned from this long hiatus because I just realized something big! And if anyone has found this out to be true or figured it out I am sorry for spoiling it in any way. Ok here it goes...

If you watched RAW this past Monday you will all know by now that Edge has returned to Friday Nights once again. Whilst everyone was extremely happy at this happening and I know that I was as well people tend to forget something.. Edge was TRADED to SmackDown! So as soon as I heard Edge went to SmackDown I thought to myself.. Who could have RAW gained from SmackDown to replace a star like Edge?

I thought of 3 possible guys to go to RAW and my 3rd option was definently the man who I was certain that had joined Monday Nights. And this man has held the World Heavyweight Title 3 times, the ECW title, the WWE Tag Team Title, the Intercontinental Title and is the only man to win the MITB matches back to back at WrestleMania. Yes fellow readers I am talking about the Straight Edge Saviour CM Punk!!!! 

I know you're thinking that this is a really bad move by WWE and yes I agree that this is a HUGE blow for SD and I would have let him stay but this move has some very positive effects as well. We all know Punk was not being utilized fully on SD since his feud with Rey and I saw the new SD intro video and Punk was nowhere to be seen so this move can be a really fresh one for him and ratings could go even higher withPunk on his show. CM Punk right now since Jericho is gone is arguably the best person on the mic right now in the WWE. He is an amazing mic wizard, can get serious heat with the crowd and can put on 5 star matches on a regular basis.

And the possibilities for storylines are endless. We could have him challenge Randy Orton for the WWE title and we know these two could have a great feud especially if they headlined WrestleMania. We could even have him reveal himself to be the RAW GM and have said to have trade himself to RAW and promises to make RAW Straight Edge yet abusing his power to get him the WWE title and ruling RAW with an iron fist! If WWE uses him right on RAW the possibilities are endless! Let's hope if I'm right they don't screw this up like they've screwed up so many good things! WWE CM PUNK IS ONE OF THE BEST YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW!! USE HIM FULLY!!!!

Thanks for reading and feel free to post your comments on my idea of CM Punk being the traded superstar to RAW!