Summerslam 2008: To Hell and Back!!

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Summerslam 2008: To Hell and Back!!

Summerslam is one of the biggest PPV's in WWE history and this year the biggest block party of the summer was just that in dead.  Here is the order of the matches and I will rate them with a five stare rating, 1-bad and 5-great.

1.) Jeff Hardy vs MVP

This match was a back and forth struggle between two great middle carders.  MVP had done his homework in scouting Jeff Hardy.  The end saw Jeff Hardy go for his Swanton Bomb but instead jumped to the outside of the ring hitting Shelton Benjamin who was going to interfere in the match.  After attacking Shelton, Jeff went back to the top rope to hit the Swanton on MVP but it was unsuccessfully.  MVP moved out of the way, then waited for Jeff to start to rise to his feet then kicked him in the face and got the 1, 2, 3.  I give this match a 3 around average.

2.) mixed tag match for IC and Womens title.  The Glamazon & Santino vs Koffie & Mickie.

This was an alright match with some back and forth action.  The end saw Koffie run towards Santino but Santino ducked down and Koffie feel to the floor.  Mickie then gave her DDT to Santino to take him out of the equation.  But much to her dismay the Glamazon was there and hit her with a double armed face buster "don't have any idea what the move is actually called" and got the 3 count.  I rate this match a 3 only because Santino needed the push and I hope he does something with his career.

3.) ECW title match.  Mark Henery vs Matt Hardy

this match lasted about 3 min.  The match was Henery and Hardy start brawling.  Hardy get put in the corner and Henery runs at him but misses then Hardy hits the Twist of Fate.  Goes for the cover 1, 2, but then Atlas attacks Hardy causing the DQ.  After the match Jeff comes to his brothers aid and knocks down Atlas then gives him a Swanton bomb from the apron to the outside.  Afterwards The Hardy's double suplex Mark Henrey on the outside.  This match gets a 3 rating because of the after math that took place.

4.) World Champion match.  CM Punk vs JBL

I'm not the biggest fan of JBL but he impressed me a lot in this match.  The end of the match saw JBL go for his clothesline from hell but Punk ducks and picks up JBL and hits the GTS for the 3 count.  This gets a 4 ratting because of how well this match actually was.

5.) WWE title match. Great Khali vs Triple H

That's right all three title matches are before Cena and Batista.  This match was horrible, why they had to push Khali I will never know.  Triple H got about three moves in the hole match while Khali did his double chockslam, the brain chop, and the vice grip " I think he did this move around 3 times".  The end saw Khali running towards the corner with Triple H moving out of the way then hitting the Pedigree and getting the 3 count.

I almost forgot about HBK's announcement.  HBK came out with his wife and said after talk with his doctors and all of the injures he has had over his career he was going to retire.  Then out cam Jericho who wanted Shawn to tell everyone that the reason why he was leaving was because of what Jericho had done to him.  Shawn agreed but not in the way Jericho wanted him to which enraged him, Jericho swung at HBK who moved out of the way.  Unfortunately the punch hit HBK's wife knocking her down for the count.  You could see the swelling on her face and the rage on HBK's face.

I think that HBK will face Jericho at Unforgiven on September 7.

6.)  Cena vs Batista

Wow, I never thought I would say this about a Cena match but wow.  The match had a lot of back and forth action with Batista using the figure four.  Then end saw Cena jumping of the top rope with a leg drop but Batista caught him and landed a huge Batista Bomb.  Cena kicks out at two which makes the animal mad so he kicks Cena in the face and gives him another Batista bomb for the win.  I give the a 4 ratting because of well the match was.

7.)  Hell in a Cell. Edge vs Undertaker

This was an amazing match, its to bad this wont be on the Hell in the Cell DVD that comes out in October.  The end saw Undertaker chockslam Edge through two tables that are stacked on top of each other on the outside of the ring.  Undertaker then brings Edge back into the ring and gives him a spear.  Taker then gives Edge a Tomestone for the win.  After the match Taker goes to leave the ring but see's Edge starting to get up so Taker goes back to the ring.  Sets up a ladder then puts Edge on it, then puts another ladder next to it and climbs it.  Grabs Edge and chockslams him through the mat.  Soon after fire comes up from the hole and you hear King say He really has chockslamed him to hell.  This match was by far a 5 ratting.  Hands down the best match on the card, this match last around 45 min. and this was one of Edge's greatest performances.

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