San Antonio Spurs Nation, DeJuan Blair : Great Lakers, Lake Fans?

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San Antonio Spurs Nation, DeJuan Blair : Great Lakers, Lake Fans?
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I have never seen this many bitter people in my life, and I’m from a city where bitter beer face is a means to support brewery families. 

To closet Lake Cruise fans: San Antonio Spurs supporters are livid at the legacy of the mighty Los Angeles Lakers. They go so far as to fancy the Spurs as heated rivals.

For no apparent reason, their emotions rage out of control whenever they see anything colored royal purple and gold.

That includes the outfits of the historic national fraternity Omega Psi Phi, even though the frat helps to beautify the Alamo City by adopting streets and roadways to maintain.

My family is an Omega family, but we are not Greek.

I do speak a little Spanish – way more than most African-Americans in fact, but it’s like I’m speaking Greek to Spurs fans.

You should see them folks.  Their lips purse, their eyes bug, and smoke rips from their ears at anything Laker.  They will attempt to charge me twice at my favorite chicken wing eatery.

I tell them to charge me three times, as the mighty Lakers are going to three-peat this season.

Allow me, a seasoned journalist, to educate these people who apparently only learned about the NBA from the marriage of Eva Longoria to “Pretty Tony” Parker. 


The NBA actually played games in the 1950’s and 1960’s when the NBA’s best rivalry began.  The true rivals of the mighty Lakers are the Boston Celtics.

One cannot reason with these people on the River Walk for fear of being tossed into the San Antonio River by a bunch of internet thugs who claim to represent Spurs Nation.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tried to explain this very thing to Spurs fans, but his keen intellect fell on Margarita filled ears.

Hear this.  My vocabulary has a first name: Gargantuan.  It has a nickname: Vassive (vast-massive). 

I will not reveal my vocabulary’s last name at this time for fear of being hunted down and eaten alive by Spurs sophomore DeJuan “Gargantuan” Blair.

But here is a hint, it has to do with Great Lake. 

Stay tuned because I may reveal my vocabulary’s last name in the next installment of “Reasoning on the Riverwalk.”

I’m out of here before I end up swimming in this creek with my Laker gear on.

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