2010 Denver Broncos: Loss Of Dumervil Felt On Defensive Side Of Ball

Heneli IongiAnalyst INovember 6, 2010

Elvis Dumervil
Elvis DumervilDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Broncos could sure use Elvis Dumervil right now.  Rather I should say, the Broncos could sure have used Dumervil from the start of the season.  

Now that nearly all the NFL teams have played half of their games, I tend to reflect back on some predictions I wrote awhile back.  

Three months ago, I wrote an article about the huge loss Elvis Dumervil was to the Broncos organization.  Here are some of the quotes that I've taken from the article to see how I did.  

"With Elvis Dumervil down, the Broncos defense will struggle insurmountably.  If the Broncos had a elite offense like the Chargers had back in 2008, holding the team together through those struggles, then maybe the Broncos would have a chance.  But as of right now, the Broncos offense isn't elite."

Boy was I right on the money on this.  I said that the Broncos defense would struggle and they have.  The Broncos defense is ranked 29th in the league in sacks with only nine total sacks in eight games.  They may currently rank eighth in pass defense but they are also 31st in run defense.  They are currently 24th in total defense.  

The only way the Broncos would be able to have a chance at winning games is to have a elite offense, but that hasn't been the case as the Broncos struggle to compliment their passing game with a rushing attack.  So far, the Broncos' offense is far from elite.

"Who on the Broncos defensive roster will be able to do what Dumervil was able to do? No one.  I don't believe one bit that anyone can do what Dumervil did on that roster.  If you look at the Chargers OLB Shaun Phillips, he couldn't do what Merriman was able to do as a pass rushing OLB and he's pretty good."

I was right about this also.  No one was able to step up and be that dominant force that Dumervil was.  Robert Ayers couldn't do it.  No OLB on the roster could do it and neither have anyone else.

"Look for the Broncos to struggle defensively due to the lack of pressure this upcoming season.  The Broncos still have time to fix this but if they continue to run that same "attack" style 3-4 defense, they'll learn the hard way as they'll be leaning on the offense to win games for them which they can't do as of right now."

I sure was right again.  The Broncos are struggling.  There is a huge lack of pressure missing from the Broncos' defense.  I wrote in that article that the only way the Chargers were able to fix their season was to change their defensive philosophy.  

The Chargers were 3-5 heading into their bye in the 2008 season.  Ted Cottrell got fired as the Chargers DC and Ron Rivera was promoted. Rivera revived the Chargers defense going 5-3 the rest of the season ending with the Chargers upsetting the 12-4 Colts in the playoffs.  

My point is, with the Broncos unlikely to change their philosophy, they will continue their downward spiral until someone is able to be that presence in the game that Elvis Dumervil was.  

My article that I wrote three months ago is as follows: