We Are One: Breaking Down The Nexus As It Stands Now

Adam LindsayContributor IJune 9, 2016

I am a fan of change when it comes to the Pro Wrestling World. There is nothing more boring to me than the same promos and recycled Number One Contender competitions (see Beat the Clock challenge). That is why when The Nexus first came out at the end of the show on June 7th and attacked John Cena I was shocked, speechless, and I absolutely could not wait for RAW the following week (which I attended). The Nexus is obviously much different now than it was; John Cena has joined, Tarver (injury), Bryan, Young, and Sheffield (Injury) are all out of the group at the moment. I have been thinking about it and the more I contemplate the Nexus the more I find my opinions about them get developed more and so I think now is a good time to examine the current members minus Cena.

I will score them on a ten point scale, a member can gain up to three points in three categories, In-ring ability,Mic skills,Gimmick/look/appeal, with another single point being applied if I feel they have a future with the company. This single digit score then will be that members raw score (no pun).

Member 1- David Otunga

When NXT was in it's heyday I thought this guy was the next ultra heel. I saw his whole famous fiance thing turning in to a good storyline where he thought he was better than the fans and so on. Obviously that did not materialize and so we are left with a poor performer who is okay on the mic. I hate his finisher but I really cant hold that against someone.

In-ring ability- 1, I can't at this moment think of another move besides his god awful finisher that he does, and I can't even name it.

Mic Skills- 2, he is better than everyone save Barrett and he does have a way of coming off a bit snide, considering he has no in-ring skill I may as well give him a point here.

Gimmick/Look/Appeal- 1, he is like Chris Masters, big but not Batista big. In that way then he really has no identity as a smaller guy (Mysterio, Michaels) or a bigger guy (Batista, Goldberg) and so I really don't think fans care about him.

Future- 0, for now he is glorified FCW

Raw Score- 4

Member 2- Justin Gabriel

In stark contrast to Otunga this is a guy who I didn't think much of until just recently. He obviously has the cool finisher and solid moveset that will carry him through. As we will see in a moment he has some other things that have made me a fan of late.

In-Ring Ability- 2, He's no Shawn Michaels but he does have an entertaining moveset that somewhere down the line could transfer into being an excellent fan favorite (see Evan Bourne). He sells the 540 hurting him very well and overall that transfers into a believable top rope move.

Mic Skills- 2, he is deceivingly good on the mic especially the RAW when he had a match with John Cena and he hyped the 540 early on in the show. He is definitely confident when he gets on the mic and with some work he could cut a decent promo, like Jeff Hardy did during his run in 2007-8

Gimmick/ Appeal/ Look- 3, Jeff Hardy anyone?, he is going that way and I think he will get there.

Future- 1, I can honestly see, five years down the line, arguing over who the better high flyer is, Jeff Hardy or Justin Gabriel.

Raw Score- 8

Member 3- Heath Slater

The ultimate bubble guy for me. I have a hard time liking him but I can't bring myself to say he has no future. I really don't like his haircut but I seem to remember a certain Heartbreak Kid winning an elimination chamber match with the David Spade haircut going on. So for now I will say I am a *gulp* fan.

In-Ring Ability- 2, We can call him average. I haven't really seen anything out of him that makes his matches repulsive and I haven't seen anything impressive either. He pulls of an average match that can be made to look better with the help of a veteran.


Mic Skills- 1, This guy may be worse than Cena. He has a choppy voice and he is apparently trying to talk slowly and with purpose but it comes off terribly. He should try and keep his mouth shut and work on it on his own time, get some simple lines down and go from there. You don't have to be The Rock in you're first year.

Gimmick/Look/Appeal- 2, I'm feeling generous, he has a decent size and minus the haircut his facial expressions are pretty good. Overall he could be doing much better but as far as this list goes he is average.

Future- 1, I can see him hanging around for awhile, but I can also see him out of the WWE altogether.

Raw Score- 6

Member 4- Wade Barrett

I literally cannot say enough about Wade. I was originally against him because I thought his British brawler gimmick he originally had was worn out (see William Regal). But as time has gone on I am overly impressed with how good he is, How good you ask? let's look at his score.

In-Ring Ability- 2.5, The man puts on a good match. He has been on the main roster less than a full year and he has already headlined 3 Pay-Per-Views and they were all close to match of the show quality. He has a solid moveset and can sell very well, His finisher could use some work but it's adequate,

Mic Skills- 3, I was tempted to go above a three but that would be stupid, I said three was the highest and that wont change. That said he is gold on the mic. Every thing he says sounds like it is coming from a veteran and he has confidence on the mic that goes well beyond any other Nexus member. I remember the night that Cena announced his team for Summerslam and right before that Barrett cut the promo with Cena that involved one of my favorite lines, "I'm not looking for peace here Cena". Also I still get goosebumps when I remember his "The Winds of Change are Blowing" speech he gave in the back before a match one RAW.

Gimmick/Look/Appeal- 3, Does anyone else remember when he told Cena he was going to have a gauntlet match, and Barrett just stood on the announce table and watched the whole thing? It's stuff like that that makes him so impressive, it's that way he carries himself that just drips Main Eventer.

Future- 1, WWE champion within a year, he is that good.

Raw Score- 9.5

Well there you have the rankings of the Nexus members. Now for a little added fun I would like to quickly list the five best things to happen to Pro Wrestling in the last two years. Think of it as bonus to the article.

5. RVD/Ken Anderson/Jeff Hardy join TNA

4. Sheamus

3. Chris Jericho's Heel Gimmick

2. Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker parts 1 and 2

1. Wade Barrett

As always feel free to comment but keep the discussion civil, this merely a work of opinion and should be respected as such. You can talk to me on twitter @TrueSouldier (yes that is an "ou").

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