What's Making Me Talk: Bench Alfonso Soriano and Scott Boras

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What's Making Me Talk: Bench Alfonso Soriano and Scott Boras

The last time Manny Ramirez cut his hair could have very well been before he left Cleveland for Boston.

Considering I get my hair cut at least once a month, I've probably had at least 100 haircuts in the time he didn't have one.

I could be exaggerating, nay, I AM exaggerating on how long he's waited before he cut his hair, but it is pretty remarkable to watch him grow that tarantula of a hairdo on his noggin.

Now, Joe Torre, who had a very funny line in response to Manny's excuse for keeping the hair, has forced Manny to clean it up.

I tend to agree with Torre. If Manny really did get his super baseball powers from that hair, I would have shaved it off prior to the 2007 ALCS and given it to Travis Hafner.

How funny would that look?

Either way, if I had the unenviable task of managing Manny Ramirez, I think I'd let him keep it, no matter how insanely long it would get. Don't toy with a player's psyche like that. Manny is a strange individual, and you need to cater to his very eccentric needs, within reason of course.

What's Making Me Mad

It seems as if the hustle thing that was talked about last week decided to raise its ugly head once again.

As if it wasn’t enough to talk about two players not hustling last week, not only have two more done it again this week, but one is a repeat offender.

The repeat performance is indeed B.J. Upton of the Rays. Once again, Upton got benched for lack of hustle, this time for not running out a double play. What made it even more embarrassing was manager Joe Maddon waiting till Upton took his position in center the following half inning to yank him.

Like Maddon, I'd like to think Upton has learned his lesson after getting the pine two weeks in a row now for the same thing. I've got bigger fish to fry though.

Alfonso Soriano, the superstar and leading man for the Chicago Cubs, in a 10-2 route of the Braves, hits one high and deep to left, but not high or deep enough because the ball isn't even close to going out.

Soriano doesn't react as if you should. He reacts as if it was immediately gone. With that, he ends up with a single and not a double.

What would Lou Piniella do about it? Absolutely nothing!

That, to me, is sending a bad message to the rest of your team. I'm aware of how important he is and how much money you've got invested in your high-profile athlete. But, in a 10-2 game, with another game scheduled right after, you need to take action on this.

Soriano should have been benched immediately. Now, you've sent the message to players like Ryan Theriot and Mark Fontenot that yes, you can not hustle and Sweet Lou won't do a damn thing about it.

Then again, because you aren't high profiled, you very well could get benched.

It's an awful precedent that Lou Piniella has set with his Chicago team. Maybe those Aquafina commercials are right, you are more relaxed.

What's Making Me Sad

I'm getting really distraught over the cash being thrown around for draft picks and the potential cash to be thrown around for free agents.

Let's lead off with the contract Scott Boras is seeking for Mark Teixeira. He is, indeed looking to make "Big Tex" the second $200 million man. While he won't get it, Jon Heyman projects him to get well over $150 million, spread over eight years.

Are you kidding me?

Is there anyone that can stop Scott Boras and his ridiculous aspirations for his players and their contracts?

He tried to squeeze $10 million out of the Pittsburgh Pirates for Pedro Alvarez, who has yet to play an inning of professional baseball.

Year after year, the guy is aiming to get gobs and gobs of money for his athletes to a point that is sickening.

When does it stop?

How can we stop him?

Some are even suggesting he told Manny to tank it in Boston so he could get a new contract. Oh yeah, by the way, had Manny's option been picked up, Boras gets no money, considering it wasn't the contract he got his new client.

I'm sick of seeing draft picks opt not to sign because Scott Boras hasn't reached his goal. It has become painfully obvious that Scott Boras' goal in every situation is to squeeze every last penny out for his client.

I know it is his job to do that, and he is damn good at it because he keeps getting richer. But, it's sickening.

What I Am Randomly Thinking About

I saw a great stat about Rich Harden the other day. I do believe I saw it right, if not, feel free to rip me. Rich Harden is 32-0 when his team scores four or more runs. Is that not insane? It almost seems as if it is too amazing to be true. Then again, he's been hurt so much it makes some sense.

One guy whom I know has a loss when his team scores more than four runs is Paul Byrd. I wish Byrd luck in Boston and hope he can get back to the postseason, but it was time for the Indians to move on.

The Detroit Tigers signed Freddy Garcia to a minor-league deal. A few teams were interested in bringing Garcia in or at least tests him out. I think it's a fairly low risk for a team starved for some decent starting pitching.

Tampa Bay is still hanging strong, despite some hard-hitting injuries. Carl Crawford has an issue with his finger, and let me tell you: He will indeed miss the rest of the season. Josh Barfield underwent the same injury and he still isn't back. Evan Longoria and Troy Percival also made trips to the disabled list.

Mike Hargrove was inducted into the Cleveland Indians' Hall of Fame this weekend, and he mentioned that he would like to manage again. I'm not surprised, as it seemed as if he just wasn't happy in Seattle more than anything.

He needs a situation closer to home, somewhere he can be happy. I hope he gets another shot somewhere.

I saved the worst for last of course. The Texas Rangers are absolutely abysmal. They've always had some awful pitching these past few years, but this past week was just a horrible example of it.

Only the Rangers could give up a 10 run lead in the first, battle back and make it a game after an eight-run inning and eventually take the lead, only to ultimately end up losing.

I mean, what is really happening in Texas? I really hope Nolan Ryan changes that; he can't stand to watch his franchise do so poorly at what he excelled at.

That leads me to what series I'm watching this week. How about any series without Rangers pitching in it? I like offense as much as the next guy, but 37 runs in one series is just nauseating.

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