TNA Wrestling Presents Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View Preview: October 10, 2010

Jake Leonard@JakeLeonardWPMDContributor IOctober 8, 2010

This is the sixth annual event under the name Bound For Glory, which debuted in October 2005.

Who is "they" the monster Abyss has been referring to the past couple of months? Who's going to emerge as the TNA Heavyweight Champion vacated by Rob Van Dam? What will happen in the Fatal 4-Way with special referee and returning TNA Knockout and former WWE Diva Mickie James? I will break down the fight card in this article.

X Division Title: Jay Lethal v. Douglas Williams
The rivalry against Fourtune seems endless for Lethal, but that's nothing new for the five-time and current champion. What's also not new news is Williams wants the title back.

Lethal's rivalry with Fourtune began earlier this year against Beer Money, Inc., but would manage to win by roll-up pinning Robert Roode. It would continue May 3 when Hulk Hogan gives Lethal the Hall of Fame ring that the monster Abyss won from Fourtune leader Ric Flair the week before. Fourtune would later attack Lethal that night after he gave Flair back his ring before being saved by Abyss, Team 3D and then TNA heavyweight champion Rob Van Dam. At the Sacrifice PPV, Lethal would appear during the TNA Heavyweight Championship between RVD and Fourtune's A.J. Styles and locked Flair in a figure four leglock to prevent him from interfering in the match. On May 20, Lethal would team up with RVD and defeat Beer Money in tag team action and would be involved in a brawl with Flair post-match. Lethal would manage to have some more victories against Fourtune members at Slammiversary VIII, on iMPACT! and at Victory Road. However, he would lose in a rematch against Flair on the August 5 episode of iMPACT in a street fight without any interference allowed by the Fourtune stable ringside. That would be thanks to then-X Division champion Williams who would join Fourtune the following week. Lethal would defeat Williams for the title on the September 16 episode filmed September 6. He would lose it in a live event to Amazing Red September 23, but would win it back in a live event two days later.

Two-time champion Williams first won the title in January by defeating the Amazing Red, but was unable to retain and stripped of the title by the championship commission in April due to travel restrictions due to the Icelandic volcanic eruptions. However, he would be able to win the title back on May 16 at Sacrifice until he lost the title September 16.

Tag Team: Eric Young & Orlando Jordan v. Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore)
Eric Young and Orlando Jordan have shown very awkward behavior in the past couple of months, mainly due to a face turn by Young back in July and Jordan's homosexual tendencies and awkward behavior since he debuted on TNA earlier this year. It also doesn't help that Young has been portraying a character battling mental problems since taking a bump on the head after a match in July.

Ink Inc. has had their issues since losing twice to Young & Jordan, but this match should end or prove something and perhaps end this storyline and knock Young back to his regular conscience.

Three-on-Two Handicap Match: Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe v. Steve Nash, Sting & The Pope
Nothing much can be said here. Both Jarrett & Samoa Joe have had their issues with Nash and Sting, but they're not the problem. What seems like a multiple-way drama:

  • Jarrett v. Nash & Sting (over past history)
  • Samoa Joe v. Sting (unexplained, but leans toward hating Sting)
  • Sting & Nash v. the currently absent Hulk Hogan (over past history, mainly nWo days)
  • Sting & Nash v. Eric Bischoff (over past history)

If they can't face Hogan due to health reasons, will their new found partnership with The Pope and a victory over Jarrett and Samoa Joe be the next best thing?

Fatal Four-Way: TNA Knockouts Title (Angelina Love, Tara, Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky)
The rivalry has seemed never-ending in this matter and it isn't made any better with the special announcement that Mickie James is returning to TNA Knockouts as the special referee, but she now has her eyes on the title. Expect James to get involved in this match in some way, shape or form against any of these contenders. This matchup may cause a temporary breakup of The Beautiful People in this match, but anything could happen.

Tag Team: TNA World Tag Team Title: Motor City Machine Guns v. Generation Me
The team of Jeremy & Max Buck (Generation Me), though cocky in their actions and signature moves, are bloodthirsty for championship gold. GenMe would replace the London Brawling tag team of Desmond Wolfe and Magnum as the champions and would lose the title on September 5 against MCMG at No Surrender. GenMe has sought every attempt to make Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin unable to retain the title, even after stealing one-half of the title from Sabin on the following iMPACT! due to the circumstances that Shelley was injured and that they would be unable to defend the title in 30 days. Boy, did they think wrong. Shelley will be performing at almost 100% and his tag partner are ready to defeat and shut down another tag team after defeating Beer Money a few months ago.

This should surely be an interesting match on Sunday!

Lethal Lockdown: Fourtune v. EV 2.0 (Extreme, Version 2.0/Extreme Violence 2.0)
It is perhaps a good thing that Fourtune leader Ric Flair will be licking his wounds from Thursday's iMPACT, because Styles, Beer Money, Kazarian and "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan will be in this match starting with a two-on-one advantage. EV 2.0 leader Tommy Dreamer will be in this match with other ECW Originals Raven, Rhino, Sabu and Stevie Richards.

The ECW Originals/EV 2.0 would debut on TNA in July 15 after WWE disbanded the faction and show earlier in the year, which was a severe slap to the face for all members involved, especially Dreamer. They would address TNA president Dixie Carter to ask if they could have one more chance to prove something after WWE disgraced them. The original Hard Justice would be run by EV 2.0 as HardCORE Justice for the August 8 PPV. They would be unexpectedly attacked by Fourtune on the following iMPACT! thus launching the rivalry. Since then Team 3D's contract expired, Bill Alfonso and Sandman haven't made any more appearances and Guido Maritato & Tony Luke stopped appearing after losing to Beer Money August 26 in a squash match. On September 2, EV 2.0 accepted the only person who had no prior history with Extreme Championship Wrestling, the high-flying Brian Kendrick, into their stable.

Bad news came to EV 2.0 at No Surrender: Sabu lost to Douglas Williams for the X Division title, Rhyno loses to Abyss in a Falls Count Anywhere match and Dreamer loses to A.J. Styles in an "I Quit" match. Dreamer would appear on the following iMPACT! alone to call a truce with Fourtune while also stating his history with most of Fourtune prior to TNA. That truce would obviously not be accepted when Fourtune brutally attacks Dreamer. The following week, Dreamer would come down with his teammates and announced that they will be in a Lethal Lockdown match against Fourtune at Bound For Glory, accepted and booked by Carter. Sabu was booked in a match against Styles in a ladder match to decide the starting advantage in their event at BFG and would lose. At Before The Glory Thursday night, Mick Foley would defeat Ric Flair in a last man standing match, on the condition that if Flair loses, he had to kiss Foley's rear end. However, when those circumstances occurred, it did not go as planned - Foley would instead be attacked by Fourtune members while Flair escaped from the ring.

Will Fourtune end EV 2.0 and score a huge win, or will EV 2.0 earn the bragging rights in this event?

Monster's Ball Match: Rob Van Dam v. Abyss
This is a do-or-die revenge match for RVD after being brutally beaten by the monster Abyss and Fourtune in mid-August on an episode of iMPACT! where he had to be taken away in an ambulance would shock TNA Nation. Due to a unanimous decision by the championship committee, they would have to strip the title. RVD is not worried about regaining the title just yet - he wants to exterminate Abyss. However, due to the document signed by Dixie Carter, we do not know yet if that was a termination of contract for Abyss effective 12:01 am on October 11 or if it was some other document that may help "THEY" in the takeover of TNA. We should surely find out that decision Sunday as well as the outcome of this match.

Triple Theat For The TNA Heavyweight Title: Kurt Angle v. Jeff Hardy v. Mr. Anderson
Stipulation: If Kurt Angle loses, he will retire
Due to the circumstances regarding Rob Van Dam and his injuries (and perhaps contractual issues), the title would be vacated in August and a tournament would be held to decide who would compete for the title. The tournament would begin with 8 of the top 10 on the TNA power rankings, which would include The Pope, Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy, who would advance to compete in the Final Four at No Surrender. Anderson would successfully defeat The Pope, but Eric Bischoff would call the Hardy/Angle match a No Contest as the PPV was about to go over its intended PPV block, stating that both deserved the title. Carter would overrule Bischoff's authority on the following iMPACT! by booking a deciding match on who would go against Anderson, but during the later parts of their match, which would eventually be ended by Bischoff during TNA Reaction, expressing the same remarks he stated at No Surrender and would put both of them in the championship match.

This decision has been under fire by Carter since that episode, but we will know Sunday two things: our new TNA Heavyweight champion and how much does Carter trust Bischoff.

And now, my predictions for Bound For Glory:
X Division Championship: Jay Lethal retains; Fourtune retaliates by attacking him post-match
Tag Team Match/Non-Title: Ink Inc. defeats Young & Jordan
Three-on-two Handicap Match: No Contest due to outside interference (perhaps by Bischoff)
TNA Knockouts Championship: Angelina Love; retaliation from Mickie James
TNA World Tag Team Championship: Motor City Machine Guns retains; DQ by Generation Me
Lethal Lockdown: EV 2.0 defeats Fourtune; three-on-one advantage in favor of EV 2.0|
Monster's Ball: No Contest due to outside interference (perhaps by "THEY")
TNA Heavyweight Championship: Mr. Anderson; Kurt Angle retires from TNA

Do you want to make your predictions for Sunday? Feel free to comment below!

Jake Leonard is the general manager of WWPM MediaNet and future host of an upcoming sports show slated for debut in 2011. You can check out the website at


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