For New York Rangers Fans, The Offseason Is a B...Oh, You Get It

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For New York Rangers Fans, The Offseason Is a B...Oh, You Get It

It's the middle of August now, and the offseason is in full swing—which means absolutely nothing is happening.

Us die-hards try to pass the time by in our own constructive ways. Some watch other sports, but for me, nothing has the same appeal as hockey. So I scroll through hockey sites in hopes of finding the least bit of news possible.

When something does happen, though, we all get a bit jumpy. At the time of writing this, there were three Mats Sundin articles at the top of the New York Rangers page, and two of them had the same picture. If mine makes it up there, it will be three.

My previous Mats Sundin article had just been bumped off of the top, so it's really four Sundin articles to be read.

While they are all quality articles, it makes me want to tear out my hair and scream "WE ALL NEED HOCKEY!" And honestly, I think you'd all agree when I say, we need something to fill this void left in our lives the moment coverage of Game Six of the Cup Finals ended.

We got a good taste of hockey during the draft at the end of June, and from July 1 until recently we have been able to get at least a little bit of hockey news every day.

But now the darkest days lay ahead.

Yes, going outside with friends is fun, but it just doesn't seem as good when hockey isn't part of your schedule, when you don't ditch your friends because you need to see the pre-game show, or you can't talk on the phone right now because "we're on the power play."

The warm days of August and early September are the hardest on hockey fans like myself, who have no other sport to offer up so much excitement. The need to cheer for the Rangers when they score just eats away at me inside. I was at a concert the other night, wearing a Rangers t-shirt and hat, and at one point, I did yell "LETS GO RANGERS" like a wolf calling to the rest of its pack.

I did not get a "LETS GO RANGERS" in return, but on the way out, one Ranger fan did high-five me, and I did get a little yelling in with his friend, who was wearing a Buffalo Sabres shirt, but it was all in good fun.

While yes, even the smallest of hockey anything will help keep my sanity—because god knows I am sick of listening to stupid sports radio with idiotic hosts who know nothing—it does not hold me over for long.

Instead, I'm stuck watching youtube videos of the Rangers, as I reflect on the year that should have been. Come on, you all know you've been guilty of that, at least a little bit.

With the Mats Sundin news still in full swing—and still, no sports networks will talk about it—it becomes apparent, that after writing a few Rangers articles here and there, there is just nothing more to talk about. Hell, I'm writing this aren't I?

The inspiration came from me saying the middle (and uncensored) part of my title, out of frustration of nothing to write about.

Anyway, training camp isn't that far away, but any hockey-depraved maniac like myself looks at the few weeks without hockey and can only see an eternity of reading about Mats Sundin, and checking TSN for the faint possibility of something new in the hockey world that isn't Burke vs Lowe ripping each other to threads when it's obvious they have crushes on each other.

However one chooses to make the offseason go by, it's never an easy task. It was reported that one Ranger fan recently cracked and decided to handcuff himself to MSG in protest of the absence of Rangers hockey.

It was a tough sight to see the mind of a comrade break down, especially as he was arrested and thrown in a mental asylum—but hope is still there for him, and all fans of the sport. It's just a short wait, hang in there guys.

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