Who Would Be Easy To Push In 2011 In The WWE And Why? A Few Of My Ideas...

Mindy JamesContributor IOctober 7, 2010

Someone currently in WWE that would be very easy to bring up and would be easy to market, especially in merchandise would be John Morrison. I mean it continues to appear that WWE management is going to do something with Morrison, but every time it seems he's actually about to get somewhere- he doesn't. They just seem to be using him against the guys higher up on the card to make those guys look better never really giving him much of a chance. Okay, every once in a while they let him shine a little bit, but it's only because the upper card guys can't lose to or even win to a guy that doesn't have a little something. Example, Morrison winning over Jericho while they had Jericho on his losing streak out the door and an example on the other end would be Sheamus beating Morrison but with Morrison putting on a great show. Despite the last title Morrison held was the IC belt back at the end of '09 and the fact he's really not been given any story lines that lasted more than one show really, the fans go absolutely crazy over him! Before Jim Ross fell ill  and he was still on the air every Friday night he was always saying how Morrison reminded him of a young Shawn Michaels. That said, I think had Ross not gotten sick before Shawn Michaels retired at Wrestlemania Morrison would likely already be in a better position than he currently is, just because of commentary like that. Personally I think if there is anyone that can compare to Shawn Michaels it is John Morrison, but only if WWE pushes him like they did Michaels years ago. Without the push, the air time, the story lines, ect no wrestler really gets anywhere.
    As far as someone they could bring back in from Florida, how about Shad Gaspar? From what I understand WWE wanted to push him because he's big and is good on the mic, but due to things not going so well when they turned him and he had the match at Wrestlemania with JTG he ended up in Florida. I wonder if it occurred to anyone at WWE that the match between the two former teammates reminded fans too much of the brother vs brother match with Matt and Jeff the previous Wrestlemania, kind of like a rip off...that's how it seemed to me at least. Maybe if Cryme Tyme had done their split at a different PPV it would've worked? Anyway, Shad is very talented in the ring and on the mic, plus people know him so it wouldn't be starting from nothing, they would just have to have him do something to make up for turning on JTG, either apologize or start over on the RAW brand by doing something people will cheer to one of the heels. He may be a bit harder to market at first than John Morrison as far as ticket sales but merchandise sales for him wouldn't be too difficult. Even the ticket sales wouldn't be too hard if you were able to come up with a way to market and promote him in a way similar to how they used to do John Cena back in his "Thuganomics"  days, except instead of starting heel doing the funny little raps about people Shad could do it as a face.
    Another idea I had, and I don't know really how or if it would work was Jimmy and/or Jey Uso. I say I don't know about that working for a couple reasons, first being that they're a tag team and teams don't seem to work in WWE anymore. Second is because of who their family is, I mean besides the very short run the WWE gave Umaga a while back let's face it, the WWE has given that family jobs but every since The Rock came and went in the late '90's early '00's  WWE hasn't done a lot to put anyone from that family over. Like 3 Minute Warning (yes I know Jamal went on to be Umaga) who in the mid '90's were "Samoan Gangstas" but before their gimicks as Rosey and Jamal were done they were  more comedic than villainous. Also, there's Rikishi, he started with WWE as one of the Headshrinkers in the early '90's, but by the late "90's until he left WWE in '04 he'd become the guy who's finish was to rub his thong wrapped butt in someones face. The only reason I even brought up Jimmy and Jey Uso is that maybe because both guys are big and the little I've seen they both seem to be very talented and good talkers. Not too mention from what I've heard right before Eddie Fatu passed away this past Dec. WWE was about to hire him back, maybe that has something to do with why they hired Jimmy and Jey. Of course if that does have anything to do with why they hired the pair it would explain why weeks pass without them getting any tv time or anything. However, unlike with the Hart Dynasty I think that Jimmy and Jey Uso could draw money without having to use their family background to get a leg up in WWE.