Mats Sundin: Blame It on the New York Post and Smorgas Chef

TopShelf JerseysCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2008

I said I wouldn’t do this—write another piece regarding Mats—and thus the title of this piece. After reading the new flurry of Sundin rumors I just had to say something regarding the New York Post piece.


First off, it says that Sundin’s agent J.P. Barry has been in constant communication with the Rangers' front-office personnel. Shocking! An agent who is paid major dollars to represent his client is in contact with a team's front-office personnel.  I certainly hope for Sundin’s sake that he has been in constant contact with any team who has shown any interest at all in the most coveted free agent left on the open market.


The Rangers are also very tight regarding available funds based on this year's salary cap, so why would they start making further adjustments to a roster that is already in flux, potentially hampering any chemistry that may have been developed last season?


Oddly enough, the article mentions Michal Rozsival as a prime candidate to be moved to free up the necessary cash to sign Sundin. However N.Y. only has six defensemen on its roster, and I believe Rozsival was the one who tallied the most points last year.


The one thing that makes any sense regarding the article is the mention that Philly may be in the hunt, with GM Holmgren actively pursuing a first-line centre. If this is true, and Sundin wants a shot a winning the Cup before he really does retire, this is the team he should choose. Sorry, Rangers fans.


I think the “well-connected sources” cited in the article have let last year's Maple Leaf media guide get the best of them. It stated Sundin’s favorite road city and arena are New York and MSG. I guess it all makes sense now.


Seriously, though—if he does wind up in New York city I believe it will have more to do with his insatiable love of Swedish meatballs with lingonberries. Apparently some of the best ever can be found at Smorgas Chef. The N.Y. Post calls the place the “Swedish Meatball Mecca” of New York.