Top-10 Fantasy Wide Receivers

James StarkCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2008

Once again, here's another one of my top 10 rankings. Up this time? The wide receivers.

The 2008 fantasy football class of wide receivers has me thinking what to do. There's a ton of potential for each and every one of my top picks; it's really hard for me to choose. You may be surprised where I place the most perennial receivers on my list.

Prepared to be surprised as I explain why I have chosen each pick, 1-10, along with some honorable mentions.

You got the throwers, the runners, and now it's time for the catch.

1.) Randy Moss       

To most, this is probably the most obvious choice at wide receiver. Don't be completely sold on his numbers this season. I find it nearly impossible for him to repeat, and you can bet to see double or even triple coverage on Moss this season. Otherwise, an NFL record 23 TD will seem unlikely, a 15+ TD season still looks good for the 31-year old. 

2.) Braylon Edwards

Some people call him butterfingers, I call him TD fingers. Braylon Edwards raked in 16 TD last season but don't expect it to end there. 80 receptions and 1,289 yards, don't expect those numbers to decline.

Third in fantasy points for wide receivers, expect that to improve. As long as Derek Anderson continues to sling the ball deep in Brett Favre fashion, Edwards could be the best receiver in the game. I expect a repeat of greatness from Braylon.

3.) Reggie Wayne

He's No. 1 in receiving yards with 1,510 yards, No. 3 in receptions with 104, and the No. 1 target for Peyton Manning. Marvin's decline gives Reggie another huge season. As long as Manning is the QB, there's no doubt in my mind Wayne will repeat or improve on his No. 4 ranking last season among wide receivers.

4.) Andre Johnson

If Andre can stay healthy the entire season, Andre will be the top receiver in the NFL. In only nine games, he hauled in a total of 851 yards and eight TD. Almost 100 YPG and a TDPG. If he can keep that pace, you may see 1,600 yards along with 16 TD. Pass on those numbers? I don't think so.

5.) Terrell Owens

You may ask, "Why is T.O. No. 5 when he was only behind Moss in fantasy value last season?"

Two words: Terry Glenn.

Now that Glenn is gone, T.O. will see more coverage and lesser numbers. I could easily put Owens at No. 2, but I see Edwards, Wayne, and Johnson having explosive seasons. He is on his contract season, this could be real good or real bad. 34-years old isn't exactly a prime number when it comes to the NFL either.

6.) Steve Smith

If Carolina can find a solid QB, Smith could return to his 2005 season where he caught 103 balls for 1,563 yards and 13 total TD. He's got the ability to outrun defenders, but he just needs the old Delhomme when they were a perennial threat. Look for Smith to emerge back into the picture.

7.) Chad Johnson

They only thing that concerns be about "Ocho Cinco" is his constant running of his mouth and his desire to leave. If he could run faster than a horse and swim like Aquaman, then I'd be OK with that. If he would just "play" football like Chad Johnson, you may see a top-five wide receiver. With T.J. at his side, it helps him become more open.

If Chad continues his recent success (fourth in 2006 and sixth in 2007), there's no reason to doubt his ability to play football.

8.) Larry Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald and Boldin have been perennial targets and they have made the jobs of Warner and Leinart easier. Boldin isn't as good as the '05 and '06 seasons, but he's made it a whole lot easier for Fitzgerald. Can you really go wrong with 100 receptions, 1,409 yards, and 10 TD.

Those numbers ranked him fifth overall for receivers. Boldin appears to be 100 percent healthy this season, so Fitzgerald's catches may be more limited. I do see a possibility of more TD this season, with Boldin getting half of the attention. Look for less catches, but more TD.

9.) T.J. Whoesyourmama or Houshmandzadeh

Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh are the most dangerous receiving duo in the NFL. I could easily see T.J. surpass his teammate in fantasy value this upcoming season. If "Ocho Cinco" continues to run his mouth out of town, T.J. could see the ball even more. It appears to me that Johnson will stay in Cincy, but the chemistry between Johnson and Carson Palmer has seemed to decrease.

Houshmandzadeh was only six fantasy points behind Johnson last season, and I wouldn't be surprised if he were six ahead after this season. Blabbermouth or Whoesyourmama? T.J. is the safe bet, the safe and solid picks are usually your best option. The risk is yours to take.

10.) Marques Colston

Nobody really expected to see the former seventh-round draft pick to have the numbers he did his rookie season. Colston continued to improve last season, grabbing 98 receptions for 1,202 yards and scoring 11 times. If Drew Brees returns to his more glorified self, Colston has the potential to put up bigger numbers.

If Drew Brees plays well like he did last season, look for Colston to put up similar numbers. With the gain of respect by other teams, and the addition of Shockey, his chances of scoring may decrease. Last season, he ranked eighth among fellow receivers. This season, 10 sounds like a bold prediction.

Honorable Mentions

Plaxico Burress: If he would show up to practice more, he'd get a shot in my top 10.

Brandon Marshall: No. 9 receiver last season, expect around the same.

Torry Holt: If Bulger gets himself back together, see top 10 finish.

Wes Welker: Randy Moss takes a lot of attention away from him.

Greg Jennings: The best receiver for the Pack. Jennings repeats 12 TD, I don' think so.


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