It's Tim Tebow Time: Overrated Baltimore Ravens To Be Exposed By Denver Broncos

Omar BrownCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2010

Look for Kevin Vickerson and Robert Ayers to be bringing the heat on Joe Flacco this weekend
Look for Kevin Vickerson and Robert Ayers to be bringing the heat on Joe Flacco this weekendDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

Seeing Chris Johnson held to less than 55 yards and his attempt to avoid the interior of the line come to naught with Brian Dawkins on the scene to force the turnover, being the former AFC South die hard seeing these three smash together like a guillotine play after play had me in awe.

This has me thinking, now that Andre Goodman is returning to the secondary, the holes in it will be shored up to the point where the emphasis of the 3-4 can be on a pass rush, rather than shoring up the secondary in his his absence.

With Joe Flacco on the radar this defense could break out this weekend.

Ravens lead the league in with -7 in the turn over ratio against their opponents, Broncos are on the positive side of the spectrum in this category.

Flacco has 6 interceptions so far in the first 4 games, with only 5 touchdownss to match; of which 3 where gained against the Cleveland Browns.

With Ray Rice coming back with a banged up knee, and the D-line holding their own at the point of attack, there is no reason why Flacco and one of the hottest rated teams, the Ravens, are ripe for the dismantling.

Don't you just hate an overrated team?

Ravens are just that, they have built their No.1 passing defense on the 30th ranked passing offense when you take into consideration what each of the passing offenses ranked last season. Steelers of course we had to take this seasons ranking considering Big Ben was not there.

Here Now are the Ravens all excited about the big win without Big Ben, despite the fact they had to come back with just 32 seconds on the clock to do it, with the Steelers 4th string QB holding down the helm.

Ravens strength make no mistake about, is the rushing defense, yet they allowed Peyton Hillis to break out on them, not to mention Rashard Mendenhall to jack them for 2 touchdowns last week.

If a RB who only had one 100 yard game prior to breaking out against the Ravens, well isn't it time for this Rushing offense to break out on them and set a trend exposing this overrated team for who they are?>

Here it is week 5, our offensive line is just starting to develop continuity, with the two new players making their starting debuts this season. There is a lot of pent up potential just looking to explode on an opponent in order to get this highly talented RB pool unleashed on this league, I am starting to believe that this is the game that this happens.

Ravens special teams has serious issues to contend with too, and with so many new players on this team, it is just a matter of time before continuity develops with this unit as well, what a better time for this unit to break out than this, and how much of a momentum would win give this upstart team when heading to one of the toughest opponents in the league?

Broncos can overcome this hurdle, this mountain that stands before it as it is about to go through to fire to see what it is made of. Our team could not have picked a better time to get healthy, and after beating a tough Titans, well as far as I am concerned that just wet our appetite for more of the same in the next two games.

Ravens have just experienced a brutally physical game in one of the most heated rivalries in football, the repercussions of such victories especially with a seemingly mediocre 2-2 team that lacks a rushing attack on the near horizon, the same team that has been stuck in a losing rut ever since the last meeting between the two teams, that decimated the Broncos winning streak and best tackle tandem in the league.

Ravens are still hungover after their high of being on top while running around with their chins held high. Broncos on the other hand are being virtually ignored as a contender, this despite the fact that this team not only considers itself a play-off contender but a team on the verge of breaking out to being anything but the over hyped sensation the Ravens happen to be.

With New England on the horizon directly after week 5 for the Ravens, this could be a trap game from hell for them, a trap that forces their ravens to be transformed into cannibals as they will surely be forced to eat Crow when it is all said and done.

Josh McDaniels is about to stretch the might of both his offensive as well as defensive wizardry this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing his critics such as Pete Prisco who refer to him as Boy-Coach get a mouth ful of crow this weekend as well.

Broncos will be serving it up I can smell it cooking already, it ought to be nice and tender by then, so tender they'll think it tastes chicken!

It's Tim Tebow Time

Our WR corp have been amazing so far this season, while being forced to make one spectacular clutch play after another in clutch situations to make up for Ortons lack of clutch performances.

Orton in tight games coming into the Titans game, had averaged only 15 points the past 13 games since the Ravens of last season.

Orton was well on his way to maintaining that average with the sack going into 2:00 left into the game that put us 25 yards out from being able to get a first down, before Ortons hail Mary pass that fell severely short forcing Gaffney to come back to the ball and have the defender run into him in the process. Orton was saved by a penalty and defender not looking back for a sure INT.

Both of Ortons TD passes where the result of having drives kept alive by penalties, the phantom roughing the passer penalty on 3rd down after Orton threw the ball incomplete was the other.

I am thinking this is the week Orton gets benched for his lack of clutch play in the heat of battle. Then we will see the two headed passing and running monster emerge in the form of one Tim Tebow.