Charles "Fast" Davis Makes Big Plays, Turns Scouts' Heads in Race to the Top

Mike PendletonCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2010

Injuries can make a good football player become great or they can hurt the talents of a good football player. For Charles Davis Jr. Injuries did nothing to his game. The 2012 recruit from Avon High School (Avon, IN) has been turning heads and is being touted as the top running back in the state of Indiana.

Davis, a 5'7" 175-pound running back is not only turning heads but focused on becoming better which is scary for opposing defenses. Already scary is the way Davis plays saying "I would say my style is punishing, I love to hurt defenders when I run but I also have speed to bring me out in the open."

Speed he has, being nicknamed "fast" should be an insult to Davis who runs the 40-yard dash in 4.46 seconds. "I love to run toss and power plays, they allow me to utilize all my skills, combining speed with power, that's my game."

When driving down the field, there is always something driving Davis who doesn't mind sharing his motivation. "I want to be a state champion. As much as that means to my school and the state of Indiana, I want it badly. I also have a burning desire to be a 2,500-yard rusher. Period."

As a young man in high school Davis also finds a way to help out int he Avon community. Helping read to elementary students in the local area and even helping out younger high school students during football practices, Davis is a role model for all young players.

With a playing style similar to Oregon St.'s Jacquizz Rodgers, Davis says, "We both are small but very talented backs. You may think we're small when we step on the field but our play speaks volumes of who we are." 

Who is Charles Davis Jr.? That question is no longer asked as the talented back is being recruited by the likes of Indiana, Boise St. Nebraska, Vanderbilt, Akron, Missouri, and Michigan State. In only four games this season Davis has piled up six touchdowns and a total of 632 yards rushing. 

"Fast" Davis is headed to the top and if you don't watch now he'll blow right pass you. Don't forget, he runs a 4.46 40-time. and he's only a junior in high school. Scary, to say the least.