Cena, New Member Of Nexus. Is He Going To Turn Heel, or Stay a Face?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2010

I really don't know how to start this article. To tell you the truth, I am still in shock. Nexus finally got their own way. They have, John Cena.

The WWE Universe have mixed emotions as well, as Cena. How can he now be the face of theWWE, while he is with Nexus?

At the PPV Hell In A Cell, Cena has lost to Barrett, because two people, had interfered in the match, without the ref seeing it.

It was already made clear that, the other four members of Nexus, couldn't interfere or Barrett would lose the match automatically.

A ,supposedly crazed fan, tried to jump into the ring, by sliding in. You couldn't make out his face, because the ref was holding him down on his stomach. Very convenient.

Then someone else, ran over to Cena where, he was sitting in the ring, against the ropes. and hit him with a foreign object. Cena already had Barrett beat, but the ref's attention was elsewhere.

Therefore, he didn't see squat. After Cena got hit, all Barrett had to do was to pin him. 

Barrett, earlier that evening, promised that he would win. That right there tells us that he was up to something. How can he make a promise like that, unless he knew that he would have help of some kind.

Nexus came down to the ring. Barrett yelled for them to get out of there. If you want to see chaos, that match was it. WWE superstars came flying out from the back.

Mark Henry, Edge, Evan Bourne and a few others, stopped Nexus from what they thought they were going to do.

Honestly, I think Nexus's coming out to the ring, was part of the set up. I mean it looked like they wanted to interfere, no matter what Barrett said.

Then after the battle on the outside, was done with, it was just Cena and Barrett, until the two alleged fans, did what they did.

The WWE Universe was quiet after everything was said and done, Cena sat in a corner of the ring, with his head in hiis hands. A lot of people wanted to see John, turn heel.

He was going up the ramp, and stopped to hug a few kids in the crowd. Some cried because, they love John Cena.

The GM for RAW, if there is one, seen what happened. If we could see it, then they could too.

Those two fans that interfered, were none other than, Husky Harris and Micheal McGilicutty. That info was found out, the next evening on RAW.

Nexus, all 5 smiling imboseles, came to the ring, and Barrett, showed a picture on the titantron, of the two culprits.

They were with Nexus. Why interfere if they weren't? Makes sense to me. They got away with sh** for so long, and no one did anything about it.

I take that back, the superstars did, Cena did. On RAW, after their little celebration, and embarrassing Cena, making him wear a Nexus arm band, they had Cena and Micheal Tarver, tag up and face Mark Henry and Evan Bourne.

John wouldn,t let Tarver tag him in. So, Mark Henry kicked the hell out of Tarver. He got pinned and then Cena, had a brilliant idea. He would get rid of Nexus from, within.

The first on the list was, Tarver. Cena was unloading, all of his frustration and anger, out on the young Nexus member.

The GM, sent Micheal Cole, an email, telling Cena that, he has to do what Barrett says to do. He lost the night before, so now he had to hold up his end of the deal.

Cena was more depressed now than he was before. Nexus will use him for anything and everything.

The GM made a 20 man Battle Royal, and it didn't include John. He went in the back, and was about to be interviewed, when he saw the culprits from, the night before.

Cena chased them, right into the lockerroom of the Nexus. That, right there, answers all questions of Barrett setting Cena up.

The GM saw that too, but, said and did nothing. Still Cena, had to be a full member of Nexus.

He may have worn the arm band, but, he didn't wear a Nexus shirt, he wore the one, Never Give Up. And thats what his fans were chanting.

At the 20 man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal, Cena was ordered to protect Barrett and make sure that Barrett won.

Long story short, Cena eliminated Nexus, (Tarver wasn't in it, he was hurt) wouldn't let anyone near Barrett. Then it was just the two of them.

John had fire in his eyes, his muscles taunt with tension, frustration. He stood eye ton eye with Barrett.

I thought he was going to break Barrett in half. He couldn't because, he would've gotten fired. That was the GM's orders. Cena was ordered to leave the ring so, Mr. Wade Barrett could be called the winner.

The number one contender for the Heavyweight belt. The one who thinks, he can beat Randy K Orton. Don't think so.

At Bragging Rights, Barrett, thinks, Cena will make sure he wins and the rest of Nexus, will take over RAW.

Something needs to be done. There's controversy,  many of John's fans know that Barrett planned everything at HIAC.

Is the GM in the mix with Nexus? Why didn't he/she review tapes, or bother to confront Nexus about the actions done the night before?

There has to be some retalliation on John's part. At Bragging Rights, I think John will take out his revenge then, and it will be against Barrett.