The Gold Rush Isn't Just For the Olympics: Packers Fall to 49ers

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The Gold Rush Isn't Just For the Olympics: Packers Fall to 49ers

I'm starting to get worried. So far it seems that, as far as starters go, Green Bay can win games. On the other hand, the second they put in the stringers the game gets ugly. Yeah, yeah, I know, it's just the preseason. On the other hand, these stringers are the people that the Packers will have to depend upon when a starter gets injured. Now do you understand my worry?

Losing to the Bengals was understandable. That game, Rodgers did decently and the Packers just lost it at the end. However, a 34-6 rout by a team that went 7-9 last year is an embarrassment.

Here's the stats. The Packers again suffered in penalties, losing 78 yards. The turnover battle was also lost again, with three lost fumbles to the 49ers one interception. Green Bay couldn't get their offense going, with only 46 yards of total offense in the first half. They had an abysmal third-down conversion rate of only 14%. The quarterbacks were also hammered by a total of six sacks.

What did the Packers do well? Mason Crosby went two-for-two on field goals, including a 49-yard attempt. Charles Woodson got an interception from possible 49ers starting QB J.T. O'Sullivan. Other than that...there's always next week.

Stud of the Game:Allen Rossum.The Packers had a couple good players, but I couldn't in good conscience award any of them the Stud title. Allen Rossum ran back a punt for a 67 yard touchdown. Yeah, he's a stud.

Dud of the Game: Green Bay Offensive Line.I don't know if someone slipped something in their Wheaties, but allowing six sacks for 43 yards of loss is inexcusable. I don't care what quarterback you have behind center, if you have a weak O-line, you're screwed, plain and simple. Come on guys, you can do it. Protect the QB. Do it.

Player to Watch: Mason Crosby. I love having this guy as a kicker. When he started off his rookie season with a 53 yard field goal, I knew that he was good, not to mention the wonders he did for my fantasy team. Expect him to remain consistent, which will help when the offense struggles to make plays.

The Rodgers Report: Mediocre. His passing game was not good. He went 9-for-16 for 58 yards, and he finished with a passer rating of 64.1. I will allow a little leeway for the four sacks he suffered, but a great quarterback needs to be able to throw well under pressure (and yes, Sean, Tom Brady does that—except in a certain super bowl). I'm beginning to get a little scared, but let's see what the future holds.

The bottom line is this: Green Bay needs their starters, and needs to keep them healthy. If they do, they should be able to play through their problems. Otherwise, there's this guy named Adrian Peterson that will be having some fun in the upcoming season.

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