College Football Contest: Lisa vs. Bleacher Report Bloggers

Lisa Horne@LisaHornePac-12 and Big 12 Lead WriterAugust 17, 2008

OK, time to have some fun here on Bleacher Report. Some real fun.

As one of the few female writers here, I am willing to go up against the courageous bloggers who want to go head-to-head with me on college football games.

Last year, we had this contest on, and well, the guys didn't fare well against me. I even beat a fellow co-worker.

Maybe b/r writers are better?

This is really simple to enter and play. From the last week of August to the first week of December, I will pick 10 games for us to make our picks.

To make it more difficult, I will be using the spread (USA Today's odds). These are not straight-up picks. In case of a tie, the favorite team gets the nod. (i.e., if the spread is seven points, and team A wins by seven, then team A is the winner)

There are 15 weeks of college football games scheduled. Each week, one "guest" will get an email from me with the ten games, and usually several games from that guest's home conference will be selected. For example, if the guest is from the East Coast and follows the ACC, then several ACC games will be featured. See how nice I am?

No games that have FCS teams as an opponent will be selected, as odds aren't posted for those games. The games, however, will have at least one BCS conference team in them.

Once the guest has made his pick, he will write in one sentence why he thinks his pick will be the right one. Once he is finished with his pick, a short 2-3 sentence bio or major smack-talking bit can be added. Picks are due Friday noon, unless a Thursday game has been selected.

Fifteen guests will compete. The prize? Bragging rights and the respect from your fellow writers.

Got game?

Want to see if you can score for the guys? Remember, last season, I picked 95 out of 181 games correctly, while my guests only picked 83 correctly. Yep, the guys stunk it up.

This is your chance to prove how much you know about college football. And to beat a female sportswriter. The gauntlet has been thrown down, now it's your chance to have a shot to take on a girl for one week. It's also a blast!

If you want to enter, just give me a reason why you should be selected for one week. I want to hear some major smack, an epic beatdown or a really nice whiny plead. The best responses get picked. And the owners of b/r are encouraged to enter.

Good luck! Let's hear some smack.

Football Girl