WWE Needs to Reunite Melina and John Morrison as an Onscreen Couple

Renee GerberCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2010

Real-life WWE couple, John Morrison and Melina, photo copyright to WWE.com
Real-life WWE couple, John Morrison and Melina, photo copyright to WWE.com

Melina and John Morrison need to be paired up onscreen again. It's not even due to the fact that they're a real-life couple. It would benefit both of them for a few reasons, which I will outline throughout this piece.

When the anonymous General Manager stated in an e-mail that was read by Michael Cole on RAW a couple of weeks back that John Morrison and the Miz would be facing Daniel Bryan in a triple-threat match for the U.S. title at Hell in a Cell, I wasn't thrilled. The Miz may have been the last champion, but he's also Mr. Money in the Bank.

Morrison is an unbelievably talented competitor who's reminiscent of the likes of a young Shawn Michaels, Edge, and Jeff Hardy. He has paid his dues these past few years and deserves to be in the main event, fighting for a major championship by now. Yet, instead, he's still competing for a midcard title? It doesn't make an iota of sense.

While a lot of fans seemed happy that JoMo was getting a shot at an actual championship, I was glad that he didn't win at the pay-per-view. I wanted Daniel Bryan to win and retain because he is still pretty new to the WWE and deserves the title. Morrison may have actually gained credibility in not being the man to tap out in the submission match, as well.

Although I am a big Sheamus fan and he was also involved, I was actually hoping to see Morrison win the battle royal on RAW this past Monday night. It was great that he was one of the final four, but I was super disappointed when he was eliminated, though it was very predictable that it would come down to Wade Barrett and John Cena.

Morrison always seems that close to grabbing the big one in the WWE, especially in the past year or so. Once his feud with Dolph Ziggler on SmackDown! came to an end and he later was drafted to RAW in April, it seemed he would finally get that main event push. Yet, we're all still waiting for it to happen.

Since his return to RAW, JoMo has spent a good amount of time being used as a jobber and has had very few feuds. In fact, the only one I can recall in recent memory is when he was battling Ted DiBiase, along with Maryse, who constantly intervened on DiBiase's behalf.

During that time, Morrison's real-life girlfriend, former Women's and Divas champion Melina, was about ready to return from her knee injury. It seemed certain she would run out to the ring and assist her beau while the Sexiest of the Sexy made his life miserable during his matches against the son of the Million Dollar Man.

Sadly, that never happened, though it was great to see Melina regain the championship she'd never actually lost.

However, much like Morrison, she isn't doing anything at the moment. It is absolutely horrible that, in her last three matches (I might actually excuse the one she had with Layla on the RAW after Night of Champions), she was buried.

Then, this past Monday, I was dismayed, to say the least, to see Melina alongside Gail Kim in a backstage segment with special guest, Jackass' Johnny Knoxville...for a whole 15 seconds! I'm still trying to figure out exactly how someone goes from being the top of the pack to being relegated to ridiculous and needless backstage segments.

It seems clear that neither John Morrison nor Melina are doing much of anything at the moment. Therefore, I feel they need to pair up again onscreen. They had much success back in 2006, when they first appeared as a couple on RAW after the split of MNM. Morrison was a solid midcarder at the time who earned the Intercontinental Championship, and Melina was gradually integrated into action in the women's division, going on to capture the Women's title.

As a couple, these two have amazing chemistry. They are also both very charismatic and could have amazing mixed tag matches against other male-female combinations (DiBiase and Maryse?). I could also see Morrison finally getting that push toward the main event, much like Edge did when he and Lita were the Rated R Couple. They have that "it" factor together. Melina may be out of the Unified Divas title picture for the moment, but the exposure could benefit her as well. She would get more air time and therefore would no doubt be allowed back in as a championship contender.

Putting these two real-life lovers back together could only be symbiotic. Hey, after all, Melina even tweeted on Twitter about wanting to help JoMo with Ted DiBiase and Maryse.