SummerSlam 2008: The True Main Events.

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SUMMERSLAM 2008: The True Main Events.


Some argue that SummerSlam is the WWE's second biggest pay-per-view of the year, behind only Big Daddy, WrestleMania. Known as one of the "Big Four" and being the WWE's fourth-created pay-per-view, SummerSlam debuted on August, 29 1988 with a bang. But this year's show is all in it's own.

Now WrestleMania is purely about one thing, pitting the biggest names against each other for the World Championship. The World Title, or Titles of today, are always the focal point of WrestleMania.  Most of the time in the classic, one vs. one, heel vs. babyface match. Usually the Champion heel screws the top babyface around for a few months managing to hold the Title until WrestleMania, where the babyface cleanly beats the heel, takes the belt and all the marks go home happy.

But this isn't WrestleMania, this is SummerSlam and it's big 21st birthday. And with it's newly-found legal age limit, it brings it's own, unique style to the table. And that is SummerSlam 2008 isn't about World Championships.


Sure, both the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship are being defended on the card, with big names involved, but don't count on either being barn burners. The true SS08 Main Events aren't for Titles, they're for grudges and egos. The first being the final chapter in a feud, which has lasted over a year and is widely considered the best feud in years. The other being a match six years in the making, between the WWE's two biggest gladiators, one on one, for the first time ever.

Wrestling's had and still has it's fair share of comical and over-the-top characters. But nine times out of ten the biggest stars in the business don't rely on any character or gimmick. The biggest names are just themselves, just multiplied ten times. For example Triple H; had his share of lame gimmicks, but really blew up when he became more like himself just well, blown up. Imagine yourself walking around the mall and somebody bumps into you. You might curse a little, walk away, flip the bird and it ends there. But in the wrestling world, when you blow yourself up ten times, you'd get bumped, turn around smash the guy over the head with whatever is laying around, then pick them up and slam them through a table. That's wrestling. That's why we love it, they get to do what we really wanna do.

Anyway, back to SummerSlam

John Cena vs. Batista. Both rose through WWE's top developmental structure, Ohio Valley Wrestling from 2000-2002, and yes, technically even locked horns with each other. But that was gimmick-ridden Leviathan vs. The Prototype, not Batista vs. John Cena. Both guys debuted in the WWE in 2002, and after going through more various gimmicks, like Christian deacons and white rappers, both became World Champions and developed themselves, AS themselves into huge names and big stars. What makes this match so credible is it's uniqueness is it's similarity. Most of the time in wrestling, it pit's two completely different guys or characters against on another. Such as the blue collar, beer swilling redneck in Stone Cold Steve Austin vs the corporate evil boss in Mr. McMahon. Or even the flamboyant and ostentatious Goldust vs. the badass, street-risen Razor Ramon. Opposites attract, especially in wrestling. But, the captivating thing about Cena vs. Batista is their many similarities. Both debuted in 2002 and both became  first-time World Champions at WrestleMania 21 in 2005. The two biggest and most chiseled physiques in the WWE, were destined to bump heads. But the stars didn't align and on the same night in June 2005, World Heavyweight Champion Batista was drafted to SmackDown, and WWE Champion Cena was drafted to RAW. Remaining on two different shows, two different nights, for 3 years. That is until the 2008 Draft when Batista was drafted back to RAW, and both men were on the same roster. Fans knew the time was coming when they would collide. But most thought one would win the World Title and would face off at WrestleMania XXV. Hell, some still believe that the match should be held off until WM, but I don't, I say let them brawl. Tonight at SummerSlam, this match could very well steal the show. After all it's six years in the making, and this a true synonymy of "World's Colliding".

PREDICTION: I absolutely hate to kill all that momentum that this feud has brought forward, but I'm going with a Disqualification. Personally, and I've taken a lot of heat for this, but I think the whole Randy Orton motorcycle crash and being thrown 300 feet ordeal is just a work. I've been told it wasn't reported on the news where he lives and it just seems odd. Being thrown off a motorcycle, the length of a damn football field is newsworthy, especially if your somewhat of a celebrity.
FINAL: WINNER: John Cena by Disqualification. Punt to head of Batista by Randy Orton


Onto the next Main Event of the show, which should, in mine and many other's opinions should close out the show. Edge vs. the Undertaker, Hell in a Cell. The final chapter in one of the greatest feuds we've seen in years. Edge and the Undertaker have never competed against one another in Hell in a Cell. Although they have both been inside the Cell at the same time, which saw Edge dressed as a camera operator, severely beat Undertaker bloody, allowing his opponent to capture the win. Which resulted in match after match between the two, with Edge's La Familia assisting him as much as possible. The difference this time around is Edge is all alone, with no help, nobody but himself. Which was proving to be nothing but disastrous for the Rated R Superstar, or so we thought. It started after Edge's estranged wife, SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero, wanted revenge on her cheating husband, and brought back the Undertaker. Placing the Deadman and Edge in a Hell in a Cell. Not bad, sounded pretty interesting, but just seemed way to predictable. That is until the August 1st edition of SmackDown. Edge had been playing the whole cheating heel who can't win a match for his life, doing whatever possible to win and regain the World Championship. Simple enough, it's been done before time and time again. And after months and months of it dominating SmackDown it was getting stale. But what boosted this match into the Main Event is not only the return of the Phenom, it's the fuel that Mick Foley ignited in Edge. As Edge asked for Foley's help in the upcoming match, Foley told Edge he needs to help himself. This lit the fire and prompted Edge to beat Foley bloody. Probably marking the last time we'll see Mick Foley in a WWE ring for years, but that's a different story. Over the past few weeks, you can say Edge has been pushed over the edge, no pun intended. The new Edge is an insane, mad, deranged, crazy, demented psychopath; exactly the revamp his character needs. Since the birth of the new Edge, we haven't seen his in-ring capabilities, which is perfect. We need to wait until the match to see what he can unleash. The once cheating and lying Edge who couldn't beat Colin Delaney without help from his La Familia, has amazingly proved to be a worthy competitor to the Undertaker, even with Undertaker's home field advantage. A month ago, this match would have been looked at as almost as a squash, and within a matter of one night Edge has proven worthy and could just steal the show.

PREDICTION: This match is going to steal the show. We could see a hell of a match between Cena and Batista, and a great match in Jeff Hardy/MVP. Even CM Punk/JBL could have it's surprises. But the best match will no doubt be the Hell in a Cell. Edge is going to put a hurting on the Undertaker that we haven't seen anyone do. He's also going to take some nasty bumps reminiscent of Mankind in 1998. After all Edge has pulled out, including his hair, this is still Undertaker's yard and his home field. One hell of an effort from Edge, but just not enough............yet.
FINAL: Winner: Undertaker by Tombstone Piledriver.





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