The Anti-Face: Who Is The Next Top Heel Of The WWE?

Jackoby CalibanContributor IOctober 6, 2010

Since the top heel of the past year, Chris Jericho who is currently on tour with his band, Fozzy, is out of action, there seems to be no top heel in the WWE. This is a problem as top faces such as Randy Orton and the Undertaker need a villain in which they fight against. At the moment we have lots of good heels but none that really stands out from the pack. In this article I have delved into some of these heels to try to find who is the next top bad guy in the WWE.




No matter of what some think he deserves to of held the WWE title, he is above most of the roster in a lot of categories, he is solid in the ring, good on the mic but he isn't being booked like a top guy. He may be holding championships but he hasn't had a proper championship victory, he has either cheated or had help to win/retain the WWE title. The man I alluded to earlier, Chris Jericho, during his latest heel run he very rarely cheated and would pick up clean victories, this made him seem like a real champion, he also garnered great heat from the crowd, Sheamus does seem to struggle in this department unless he talks about how he took out Triple H. He is a possibility for the top heel crown but he needs to become a monster heel who can generate massive heat from just being so dominant and give the guy CLEAN victories, you just can't get over if your picking up cheap wins, with a little bit of help he could be like Triple H from the mid 00's, he has the potential, but he isn't ready yet.#




Well what a difference a year makes, rewind to this time last year and Wade was commentating FCW shows, now he the 'WWE universes' most hated and number 1 contender for the WWE championship. Anyway is he top heel quality, mic work - check, in-ring work - check, heat magnet - check. All you need to be a great heel are there and at such an early point in his career. That is the problem though he hasn't really had enough match time without Nexus, one-on-one to really prove that he can dominant by himself, he's had cheap wins e.g. Hell in a Cell. We'll have to wait and see as at the moment he getting plenty of heat bossing Cena around but I have no doubt that he will be using Cena's help to win matches and you can't be the top heel if you need help to win matches you just can't. We will see if he is a definite contender to be the heel of the WWE when he leaves the whole Nexus debacle behind him and proves he can do it alone.




You may be wondering why I bothered adding Swagger but its because he a very good heel, the amount of heat he got when he was champ (at the start of his run) was deafening, at one point he couldn't talk because of the booing. He has the in-ring ability there's no doubting that but the thing that I believe has had Swagger pushed back the mid-card was his lack of character, he is just the all-American American American American and so on, nothing more, I don't know if he speaks slowly so his lisp isn't as bad but some people lose interest in what he's saying, he needs to liven up and get some of that confidence and attitude he had before he won the WH title. Mix the two characters up and you have a great gimmick for a heel, he could be a top heel he just needs to not be so one dimensional.




Firstly, why is this guy losing to Big show? He is the most talented man on the roster and yet he is jobbing to Big Show and Undertaker, losing his hair to Rey Mysterio and not even able to keep a stable together (though that really wasn't his fault, WWE could have added members to replace the one's that were released or injured). He is pulling out promo's that only the man in the next paragraph can be compared with. He is one of the best in the ring and can make anyone (except the IWC) hate him a click of his fingers. Yet he is in jobber mode, really WWE, really. He is already there in terms of what is needed to the biggest bad guy, he just needs to start beating people and not jobbing to guys who should be jobbing to him.




Well I expect that you never thought you'd see the day when the Miz is considered the future of the company when he debuted all those years ago as a part of tough enough, but here we are and you can't say he doesn't deserve it. He has worked his ass of and despite all the hate from, well, everyone, he didn't stop chasing his dream (wow that was cheesy). Now I would consider him a top heel as he is winning matches, generates a great deal of heat and he is damn near flawless on the mic. He covers all angles except his ring work, it is improving rapidly but it was awful to start with and will take much more improvement to be taken seriously with some parts of the B/R faithful. He is almost there and unlike Barrett he has been in the WWE long enough to show that he can fight for himself. The Miz will be Jericho's successor it's just a matter of time, with the cashing in of a certain briefcase he will be at the top of the heel mountain.


Honorable mentions:


Alberto Del Rio - too new to the game (WWE, not wrestling) to be considered the next top heel come back next year and it could be a very different story.


Drew McIntyre - Has got potential and is 'the chosen one' but I think that in a few years time he will considered for this prestigious title, at the moment I just don't see him as the top heel as he doesn't seem to have as much in the 'it' factor department nor the heat department.


Ted DiBiase - I would have had him in this list had he actually capitalized on his feud with Randy Orton, unless he does a U-turn then he could be feuding with the likes of Goldust for the rest of his WWE days, he has what is needed as he does generate a decent amount of heat but he isn't in the WWE's main event contenders list and so cannot be considered the next top heel


Dolph Ziggler - I'm expecting a face turn from this relationship with Vickie at its end so I wont include him unless Vickie turns face instead of him, if that is the case then he is just getting over with the fans and also has had his only real success with Vickie by his side and getting cheap wins for him, so at the moment he is out of contention.


Thanks for reading if I have missed anyone out who you feel should be on the list (don't say Kane because its about the NEXT top heel and he is 43 and close to retirement) then feel free to comment.


(JacK Woodbridge)