WWE 2010: Outlook and Bold Predictions Review

Adam LindsayContributor IOctober 6, 2010

e.g. 'Chicago Blackhawks', 'Chicago Cubs'
e.g. 'Chicago Blackhawks', 'Chicago Cubs'

Earlier in the year I wrote an article called "WWE 2010: Outlook and Bold Predictions" that I felt was well received. In it I wrote about how I felt about the WWE Draft and how I saw RAW and Smackdown going for the rest of the year. I look back at that article now and I realize that I was pretty accurate and so what better way to write a new article than to pick apart an old one. I will post an original statement I made so that you don't have to go view the other article to understand this one. Without any further ado, let's get started.

"Randy will feud with Edge until a Heel like Jericho or Sheamus can take the title off of Cena and Randy will win it from them."

I'm sorry but can I get any more accurate than that? Randy did exactly that after Sheamus took the title off of Cena. I admit that I wanted this to happen because at the time Orton was just establishing himself as a face and so I wanted that to continue. It really couldn't with Cena as champ and so here we have my wishful prediction which came true.

"Daniel Bryan will win NXT and take the US title off of Miz"

We'll call it a draw. I was so sure Bryan was gonna win NXT that I made this prediction. Looking back had I known just how big a star Wade Barrett is I would have changed my prediction. Either way no one predicted the whole Nexus invasion/Bryan firing and so I really can't honestly say I would have predicted it happening this way. Bryan did take the title off of Miz though so I can salvage this prediction.

"The Hart Dynasty will remain Tag Team champs for the remainder of the year"

In my defense they really aren't on a legit tag team now so the last credible tag team to hold them was the Hart Dynasty. Semantics aside I was really wrong on this one. WWE has not done anything to build a credible tag team division and they had no choice but put the titles on anyone else in order to generate some intrigue.

"Ted DiBiase will form a stable with his brother Brett and it will be awesome"

Wrong again but boy am I glad I was on this one. Maryse as his umm...valet makes things a little more interesting. I would have liked for the other woman tease on RAW to be something better than Goldust going after a now-defunct title but who knows, maybe this could be good.

"Jericho will go face before the end of the year"

I..well...I mean...he got Y2J chants, does that count? It in fact doesn't as he was put out by Randy Orton as an obvious heel and is done with the company until Wrestlemania time. I guess this was also wishful thinking on my part because I wanted to see Y2J again. I still think he might come back as a face but that remains to be seen.

"By the end of the year Randy orton will be the biggest star on RAW"

Cena gets a lot of love but with this Nexus thing putting him in a gray area it seems I am correct. The building loses it's roof when Randy enters and with him as the sole person standing against Barrett, Cena and the Nexus it is true that he is the biggest star on RAW (WWE maybe).

"Sheamus will get at least one more title run before the end of the year"

This goes along with my first prediction that Randy would win the title from a heel and so it seems that one could not really be right without the other. i am a huge Sheamus fan and so for this to come true really made my year. He has all the stuff to be a multiple time WWE champion. He is gold on the Mic and has some skill in the ring, I am very happy this came true.

"John Morrison will not beat anybody better than a lower mid-carder for the remainder of the year"

This is the one that generated a of of backlash (good discussion as well) because let's face it, there are a lot of Morrison fans out there. He initially began to lose as I predicted but then he beat Chris Jericho clean after a Starship Pain. Now let's be honest, Jericho is like the default main eventer to put over a mid-carder (R-Truth, Evan Bourne) but that doesn't change the impact a Morrison win had. He proved me wrong and a lot of people right so for that I admit defeat.

So after my review I am feeling more like Carnac than before and so I have a few more predictions for you, my readers, to mull over. These will be predictions that will materialize by Wrestlemania rather than the end of the year, like my last article.

-John Cena will be under Nexus' thumb until He and Randy defeat them at some point in the future, probably Wrestlemania in a two on five handicap tag match.

-John Morrison will get his push.

-Triple H will return and either go after Sheamus who will have won back the WWE title.

-Alberto Del Rio will be a Main Eventer by Wrestlemania.

-Undertaker will eventually defeat Kane to get the title back. (I had to take one easy one.)

-Miz will cash in MITB and lose.

-Edge will go face once again due to his feud with Jack Swagger.

Feel free to comment as always but keep the discussion civil. You may not agree with what I say but that is what an opinion is, and everyone's should be respected. You can talk to me on twitter @TrueSouldier (yes spell soldier with a "ou")