Introducing Your Next WWE Champion, Wade (The Nexus) Barrett

Peter HopeyCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2010

I’ll admit, I over thought it entirely. The writing was on the wall. The poster for Survivor Series laden with Nexus, the house show circuit with various listings of “person a and person b versus The Nexus,” etc… It was right there in front of my face.

So I did the only logical thing I thought I could. I went against the obvious. Even though I could envision great storylines and episodes of RAW that could be focused around it for weeks, I didn’t really think the E would have the stones to put Cena with the Nexus.

But here we are a mere 72 hours + from the Hell In A Cell PPV and that’s exactly what we have. John Cena, newest member of the Nexus.

So we’re all wondering, where does this go. There are literally a plethora of options. There is the inevitable (so says the IWC) heel turn of Cena. I mean, for those who caught the PPV live or on replay, did you see the kids in the audience? When they panned the crowd people are absolutely awestruck. Little tears streaming down even littler faces. People with their hands covering their mouths (behind that hand we’d see a jaw being held up, preventing it from dropping). And I thought one thing. Good for you creative, good for you.

My pick for the match ends up being wrong, but given the chord it struck, I’ll take the resulting outcome instead any day. This relative “swerve” accomplished something that has been missing for some time now.

We were treated to an OMG moment. They’re becoming scarce.

It’s everything a Brian Kendrick match (at least his recent stuff) isn’t. Exciting, dramatic, and worth watching again.

The question remains, now that Cena is running with the “bad guys”, what’s the point? The point, dear friends, is this. Wade Barrett may be on course for his first chance to taste gold.

As per the anonymous GM (am I the only one who is getting very bored with this? I mean, I like Michael Cole sparring with Edge but Edge bashing his head with a laptop resulting in blood loss, come on, that is just plain goofy), it was battle royal time. And the winner was to face Orton at Bragging Right’s.

And we all watched as we reached the final two, and Super Cena dropped to the floor and took it, while the future champ smiled that arrogant smile, and was announced as the winner of the match. Wade Barrett going on to face Randy Orton, for the WWE Championship.

Fast forward to the next PPV. Orton versus Barrett. Who walks out the champ? I always base my theories on who will win matches (editor’s note - I am somehow NOT batting 100%, so take that for what it’s worth) on what SHOULD happen.

Creative can not be predicted, period. There is what SHOULD happen, (given all the variables, here is what the outcome should be to advance the most storylines and help the most wrestlers get over), what DOES happen (creative's decision as to who they want to push and how they are going to accomplish it), and what SHOULD HAVE happened (post pay per view, this is what you and I feel would have been better given the mess that creative probably fed us).

And my theory says this. Orton needs a belt like he needs a date with Pat Patterson (if you’re too young, look it up). Orton is crazy over and has been so forever. He’s beginning to tread near Austin-level popularity playing the guy who is the anti hero.

He doesn’t exactly pander to us for support, yet he isn’t jumping the good guys at every turn.

He has really evolved since his days in Evolution where he was clearly serving an apprenticeship under Ric Flair. And he seems to have done well in taking what he needed from the best wrestler ever bar none and incorporating it into his character.

Right now, Wade Barrett is nothing. And that needs to change. He is the leader of the biggest faction in the largest most successful sports entertainment company in the world.

But do you think anyone is buying Wade Barrett t-shirts? Are you staying up until midnight to watch a documentary on Wade Barrett’s childhood like you would a Cena or an Orton?

Don’t you tell no lies! Of course you wouldn’t! And finally, plain and simple, is Wade Barrett must-see TV? Hardly.

So when you have this situation, the only thing to do in order to advance someone’s credibility (if you plan on having them under contract for a while and in some of your most prominent feuds) is to give them a belt.

When a company gives someone a belt, it’s like telling the audience “you might not believe in this guy today, but you better start getting on board soon, cause WE see him as being someone who is gonna be here for a long time, get used to it.”

And it makes sense. Maybe I start thinking that his finisher is not the worst finisher of all time after all (maybe second to Hogan’s magnificent, um, leg drop… and oh yes, mandible claw anyone?).

If I start thinking that he really belongs in the company of HHH and Cena and guys like that, maybe you have now created a new main-event level wrestler.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. I didn’t buy Sheamus and was very much against him from the beginning, but already, he has somehow convinced me that he belongs. It’s time for the same thing to happen with Wade Barrett.

With the WWE belt around his waist, and a prolonged heel run, I just might buy him as the real deal. And it also offers two storylines to unfold as a byproduct.

First, the implosion of the Nexus can occur as his head grows large. And second, the slow heel turn of Cena can materialize, as he starts to think maybe Barrett isn’t such a bad guy after all…And maybe he’s right.