Moss Possibly to Minnesota, But Are The Vikings Trading For The Right Patriot?

Isaac BerlingCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2010

Is Moss coming back to Minnesota?
Is Moss coming back to Minnesota?Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Before we get started let me say that I don't hate the idea of this trade.  If they got Moss for the right price, he might be a big time game changer.  In addition he could be the spark that gets the Old Gunslinger on the right track. 

With Moss in the lineup, Adrian Peterson benefits from a receiver who strikes fear in the hearts of opposing safeties.  Defensive coordinators, even if his skills have diminished, must plan for Moss and respect his ability to stretch the field.  This may lead to favorable match-ups both inside the box and outside the numbers.

Might.  Could.   May.

Odds probably favor that the Moss the Vikings would get for this season would be an unstoppable machine; he has always played his best football when he has something to prove to someone specific, see Thanksgiving day 1998 and 2000 versus the Dallas Cowboys or his entire 2007 season.  

But Moss can't catch a ball if Favre is on his back the whole game.  The Vikings offensive line has, along with wide receiver, been its weakest position thus far this year.  The Vikes struggle mightily to protect Brett Favre.  Adrian Peterson is off to a strong start, but this year as was the case last year, most of his yards he gets on his own. 

Imagine what Peterson could do if he could get five yards down-field without having to break two tackles.  Vikings fans haven't seen that since 2008 when Peterson led the league with 1760 yards.  Take that AP and sprinkle in a competent Favre making veteran throws and converting on third down and you have the winning formula for the Vikings. 

Which brings me to the one who has been there all along.  Patriots All Pro guard Logan Mankins is still holding out after refusing to sign a one year tender.  Mankins is only 28 and in the prime of his career.  The asking price may be much steeper than Moss', but Mankins wouldn't be a one year plug, he would become a mainstay leading the way for Peterson.  Mankins will make a difference in the run and pass game.

Is.  Would.  Will.

I know, I know, trading for Makins seems so boring and pointless compared to a playmaker like Moss, but great teams are built from the inside out.  The team that the Vikings are close to becoming, a run oriented team supplemented by the pass, would be ideal for Mankins.  In addition, Favre's impending departure at the end of the season, combined with the Vikings uncertain future at the quarterback position make the need for an offensive line that can control the trenches essential. 

In the end it comes down to preference,  a trade for Moss would possibly give the Vikings their highest ceiling this year, but a trade for Makins gives the Vikings consistency, something they desperately need.