The Giants Vs. Bears Game Review: Meet the New York Sack Exchange

James ClimitContributor IOctober 5, 2010

Story of the night...
Story of the night...Andrew Burton/Getty Images



 The New York Sack Exchange aka the GMEN D-line

This week, the Giants D-line is did a very, very good job at emulating their performance back in 07. 10 sacks, and 2 injured quarterbacks later; it’s starting to seem like Perry Fewell CAN make this defense work. Tuck had 3 sacks and 7 tackles making a huge impact on both the pass and run, at his natural joker position. Osi had 3 sacks 2 forced fumbles, showing the match up problems he can cause. Canty and Cofield did a great job pushing the pocket, and making it easy for the ends. If the line can play half as well as they did this week, they would have an easy route to the playoffs.


Webster and Thomas

The two did a GREAT job shutting down the speedy Hester and Knox. Both had a pass defended, while Thomas had a pick, and Webster had an outstanding, one arm, opened field tackle against Hester. Together they vastly outplayed their receiving counterparts, giving Cutler no targets to throw to in the passing game.


Dodge’s leg

Dodge had a great game, booting punts while still keeping them away from Hester and Knox. On 7 punts he had an average of 42 yards and had boots of 56 and 57 yards. Now I’m beginning to understand why we drafted him in the seventh round.


Special Teams coverage units

The Special teams coverage units did an excellent job stopping Hester and Knox from breaking away, and taking the game with them. On two punts, they only allowed 6 yards against the best in the business, Devin Hester. Great job, I’m finally starting to gain faith in the GMEN’s special teams.



I can’t believe I ever doubted this guy he is an animal! He made plays against the run and did a great job getting after the QB, he even has been good in pass coverage. Forget about drafting another LB, this is our guy, now all he needs to do is learn the defense to make assignments, not to hard for a Vanderbilt grad.


Deon Grant

Alone, Grant is showing Giants management how important it is to have a good safety. In 4 games he has 6 passes defended, and 2 interceptions, and I don’t even think I’ve seen him beat deep once! When you compare him to Michael Johnson, he gets even better, in one play Johnson found a way to blow an assignment and give up a touchdown, thank god we now have Grant starting…



Bradshaw had an amazing game showing the best-run defense, he is 100 yards better than anyone they have faced yet. He also did it all by himself, playing with a subpar line. This week he will need to work on his ball control because fumbling once a week, just wont cut it in the NFL.



Nicks has been having a great year to say the least, leading the Giants in most receiving categories despite being double covered week after week. This week was his best performance, 8 catches for 110 yards, and NO drops, trust me this guy will have a great future and cant wait to continue seeing him develop.





Diehl just cant pass block, lets just hope there is a good OT, available when their on the clock.


Dodge’s hands

We can’t be too tough on him this week, he had a GREAT game punting, but his job for this week is to work on his hands, not his leg. He bobbled a snap in the first quarter, and almost fumbled it but somehow was able to get the punt off. He then he had trouble holding a field goal snap for Tyne’s, costing the Giants 3 points. It seems week after week, he just finds ways to cost the Giants points whether it is with his leg or hands. This needs to be fixed immediately.



Yes I will give credit to Coughlin for fixing the penalty, and deflected interception problems, but what he did not do is help Bradshaw of Jacobs fumbling issue. Just like Tiki, Bradshaw has an aggressive, attacking running style so is prone to fumbles, but Coughlin fixed Tiki, so cant he do the same with Bradshaw?


 Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. I am a young aspiring journalist (college student) who one day would love to be a Giants blogger, and any tips would go a long way.