NFL: Miami's Early Season Woes Shouldn't Lead To Henne Benching

John TsiantosContributor IOctober 6, 2010

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Sound OFF with J.T. & Kuveikis on the Sports Sound OFF Show LIVE Thursday, October 7th, 8-10a.m.ET

J.T. Sounds OFF: Wednesday, October 6th


Not one. But two golden opportunities to prove that you are one of the top teams in the AFC. 

That's what the Miami Dolphins faced the previous two weeks.  

Their latest debacle occurred last night on Monday Night Football.  Unlike the lost to the New York Jets the week prior this one was more of the shellacking variety.  This one was hard to swallow though if you're a Dolphins fan because you didn't get beat by Tom Brady or his weapons of choice in Randy Moss and Wes Welker.  Actually Moss didn't even record a catch in this game. 

Instead it was Chung, Ninkovich and Woodhead who sunk the Dolphins on Monday night in Miami. Not exactly house hold names even for Patriot fans. 

The Miami special teams unit was quite frankly pathetic. 

Allowed a blocked punt that led to Patriots points. A blocked field goal that also resulted in Patriots points.  And a kick off return to start off the second half.  Let's not forget about Chung's interception return for a touchdown. 

That performance by the special teams on Monday night ended up costing John Bonamego his job on Tuesday morning. 

Some how though Dolphin fans we're all over sports talk radio in Miami calling for Chad Henne's job. Saying, they want the other Chad to take over the starting job.  They are referring to Chad Pennington of course.  And I couldn't disagree more. 

How could you be ready to quit on the quarterback of the future for the Miami Dolphins.  Yes, I get the fact that he threw two costly interceptions that could have led to Dolphins points.  

How about we take it easy on Chad Henne though.  This of course was only his 17th start.  

Look, I'm not saying that Henne doesn't deserve some of the blame.  Of course he does.  He made some stupid decisions out on the field and he needs to take responsibility for them.  I believe that offensive coordinator Dan Henning and the rest of the coaching staff need to take some of the pressure off of the young kid.  

How do you do that you ask?  It's simple.  Utilize your two-headed monster backfield in Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.  And no I don't mean continue running that ridiculous wild cat.  Unless you're going to get creative with it.  Ronnie Brown in the shotgun and then taking the ball up the middle is too predictable.  

Decision time Miami.  Get creative with your playbook.  Utilize your available play makers.  IE: Brandon Marshall, Brian Hartline, and Devon Bess.  With the main focus on Brandon Marshall.  He's too good of a talent not to get the guy the ball 60% of the game. 

Most importantly throughout this bye week Miami must take some pressure off of their young quarterback, Chad Henne.  

I'm not talking about benching that guy either.  

Is it a tough wave to surf?  Absolutely.  Two crucial games in the AFC East, at home that Miami let slip away.  Not exactly an ideal situation for a team with so much promise heading into the season five weeks ago.  Than again, who said it was going to be easy getting to the top of quite possibly the toughest division in the NFL. 

Yes, Miami heads into a bye week with a sour taste in their mouths.  But this was of their own doing.  

However, it's not too late to turn your season around.  

Even with the younger Chad behind center. 


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