Kansas City Chiefs Showing Their Stuff in Preseason

Chad HoganCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2008

What a game for the Kansas City Chiefs! It was a loss but I look at as if your starters do what they were planning to do in pre-season games then thats a win.

Rushing: The Chiefs wanted to come into this game and run the ball, and thats exactly what they did, rushing for 145 yards total. Running back Larry Johnson looked like the old L.J. again rushing for 61 yards carrying the ball 14 times.

Kolby Smith is exactly what the Chiefs are wanting him to be, fresh legs. Smith touched the ball only 4 times but rushed for 37 yards, also catching 2 passes for 10 yards. The guy I really want to talk about is Dantrell Savage, he is a fun guy to watch.

Savage at only 5'8" 182 pounds runs the ball like he's 6'7" and made of metal. This guy is named well because he IS a savage. He is HARD to bring down and doesn't stop fighting for extra yards even when it looks like the play is dead, then some how turns it into something exciting.

Coach Edwards loves the guy and so do I. The Chiefs now have a 4 headed monster in the backfield with Johnson, Charles, Smith, and Savage, all that bring something different to the table.

Secondary: The secondary was put to the test today and did great! Boldin never caught a pass and held Fitzgerald to 4 catches but gave up a 22 yard play.

Flowers was very impressing, he did a great job on stopping the run and did great on the man to man coverage with Fitzgerald and Boldin, he also had a great deflection against Boldin, making it 2 deflections in the game.

D-Line: This is what I want to see. RE: Tamba Hali DT: Glenn Dorsey DT: Alfonso Boone LE: Turk McBride. Dorsey played a few downs and the Cards double teamed him the whole time, thats what I like to see.

McBride ended up with 2 sacks and he only play in some of the 1st half. Boone is better at the DT position and Hali will be a better blind side rusher(if the QB's are right handed of course) at RE. This will help the linebackers flourish.

I really wish all the starters were in. Donnie Edwards-OLB and Napoleon Harris-MLB were both out and lets just say the back ups aren't as good. Albert hopefully will be back soon but the O-line is holding up pretty well without him.

Tyler Thigpen: He will be the back up QB and has shown some promise. He fallows his receivers alot and makes plays for the defense. Even though the int was half his fault he still needs practice to avoid these rookie mistakes.

Bobby Sippio: I can't believe the media can make someone so worthless look so good. He helped Thigpen throw an int by tipping it into the air, he dropped a ball that wasn't thrown hard at all and hit him straight in the hands, and he only had one reception for 6 yards. This guy needs to be cut.

Thanks for reading and appreciate any comments.