The Case for the College Football Playoff System in 2008

BabyTateSenior Writer IAugust 16, 2008


1) SEC Champion — Florida                 Florida                Florida

8) Sun Belt Champ–Fla. Atl.

4) ACC Champion–Wake Forest     

5) Big East Champ– South Fla.           South Fla.

2) At Large #1– Georgia                      Georgia            Georgia        Georgia

7) MAC Champ– Central Michigan

3) At Large #2– Clemson                    Clemson

6) CUSA  Champ– Tulsa


1) Big 10 Champ– Ohio St.                  Ohio St.          Ohio St.          Ohio St.      Ohio St.

8) WAC Champ–   Fresno St.

4) At Large #1–    Missouri

5) At Large #2–    Texas Tech             Texas Tech

2) PAC 10 Champ– So. Cal                  So. Cal

7) Mt. West Champ– BYU

3) Big 12 Champ– Oklahoma               Oklahoma       Oklahoma

6) Independent– Notre Dame

We reward 11 conference champs with an automatic bid while leaving spots open for four powerful at large spots as well as the strongest independent in the country.