Brett Favre Makes Debut With Jets, Calls It Quits

BAnalyst IAugust 16, 2008

Brett Favre, Jets fans, and Jets players were all waiting for Favre to make his debut for the Jets so they could see what he's got.

Well, he started out well. After a nice reception from the fans, Favre went on to go 5-6 for 48 yards and one touchdown. It is just a pre-season game, but it was good to see him play well in his first start. Also, Favre showed no signs of the "fatigued arm" he mentioned earlier this week, which is a good sign for the Jets.

So all is fine and dandy, right? Eh, not so much.

ESPN's Wendy Nix caught up with Brett Favre after the game and Favre hinted at...gasp...retirement. "You know (Favre tears up), after a game like that I think I just want to go out off into the sunset and leave the game."

Oh boy...but that wasn't everything. Later that night, Favre graced us with some more words.

"I know I can play, I know it, I do, I do know it, no really, I do, but I don't think I can take the grind. I'm done. That's right, I'm done. One game was enough, and that great performance tonight was the icing on the cake."

Well well, Mr. Favre. You retire in March, tell the Packers you want to come back later in March, then actually do come back in August. And you have danced around this retirement idea for a few years now.

It's getting quite ridiculous, Favre, but what's even worse than your inability to decide on anything is having to tell John Madden every time you decide to retire.

God bless the unlucky man who has the job of notifying Madden when you retire, because Madden bursts to tears, rolls on the ground crying, and will not get up for days. And whoever lets him know has to wipe his tears and change his clothes (it hurts even thinking about that) every day.

So Brett, you need to learn your lesson. Just stay retired because we are sick and tired of you, and John Madden can't survive another one of your retirements.

Finally, going off into the sunset wasn't the only reason Brett decided to retire again. He told ESPN's Wendy Nix that, "First of all, I found out Tom Cruise is a Jets do the math. Second, I just can't stand that Kellen Clemens. He is always asking me stupid questions about playing the QB position. He just doesn't realize I have better things to do!"

After asked what it was that he had that took up his time, Brett replied "I've gotta go annoy the heck outta Aaron Rodgers and pay that eight-year-old to curse at him again!"

So there you have it, Brett Favre has retired again.

Yet there are rumors that he is contemplating a return to football, but this time as a kicker.

In a non-related story, Favre was seen later that night in a slapping match with another man at Burger King. The whole sissy fight started when Favre kept changing his order. Favre won the match in a 10th round KO and is now also contemplating a boxing career.