TNA: What a Knockout

Kevin WilliamsCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2008

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has many thing to offer to their fans. There is a roster full of superstars who never quite made it in WWE. There are also superstars who were successful in WWE. There is the X-Division and homegrown talent. Of all these things, the highest rated segments and matches in TNA are the ones that come from the Knockouts, or as WWE would call them, Divas.

TNA only just began utilizing a women's division. At first there was really only Christy Hemme, Tracy Brooks, and Gail Kim, all valets to the likes of Matt Bentley, Lance Hoyt, and America's Most Wanted. There was also So Cal Val, but her role was strictly limited to ring girl.

Then, after a year's buildup, an influx of new Knockouts made their way to TNA. At Bound for Glory 2007, we were introduced to O.D.B., Angelina Love, and Velvet Sky among others. Gail Kim would go on to become the first Knockout Champion, which is well deserved for Gail Kim.

A year later, these girls are apparently the main attraction to the show. Why is it that the girls in TNA do better on their show than the girls in WWE do on Raw and Smackdown?

Reason number one: all of the Knockouts are good, if not somewhat decent wrestlers. The worst two are probably Velvet Sky and Tracy, but Velvet is still better than most of what WWE has, and Tracy is more of a manager/referee anyway. The fans know that they are tuning into to an entertaining match because these girls have made a name for themselves on the independent scene as wrestlers first. Ninety percent of the WWE's Divas are models first, therefore lack the necessary skill to put on an entertaining match because there purpose for being there is just as eye candy. No disrespect to Maria, Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle, and some others, but Diva matches in WWE just don't flow evenly because many of the performers are inept. In a TNA knockout match, the transition from one move to another is smooth, and you can tell they were not brought onto TV until they proved that they could really wrestle.

Reason number two: The girls in TNA are all involved in one storyline. There is no guy involvement, for example, Velvet Sky is not fighting Taylor Wilde for A.J. Styles or something like that. TNA trusts the Knockouts enough to go out their and do their thing. Right now, The Beautiful People, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love, are feuding with every other Knockout because they feel they don't compare to the Beautiful People. All the Knockouts, event Tracy the referee, are involved in some way with the storyline. I tune in week after week to see what happens next. Will Taylor Wilde lose her belt? Who will be next to get the brown paper bag treatment? Will Awesome Kong turn on the Beautiful People?

If there's one area that TNA wins in against WWE, it's the way they promote their Knockouts. They come in all different shapes and sizes. They can wrestle. They cut decent promos, and yes, if you wanted to take the WWE route and have them all in a bikini contest on Impact (with the exception of Awesome Kong), rating would be even higher. There are few Divas in WWE that entertain me. I get the impression that they are there for filler matches, dancing, bikini contests, and nothing more. Not that I'm complaining, but it does get old after a while.

The TNA Knockouts are triple threat, and TNA realizes that. TNA must be commended on there utilization of the Knockouts, who are truly one of a kind.