TNA Knockouts Championship VS WWE Divas Championship...Who Will Reign Supreme?

DozerCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2008

Every Thursday night on Spike TV you can tune in to watch the TNA Knockouts. There are two ladies on that roster who (love 'em or hate 'em) are VERY talented wrestlers who have been around for several years: Gail Kim and "The Pride of Tennessee" Jaqueline. The rest of the roster...well they're getting there. Even The Beautiful People (and what's up with the whole brown paper bag thing anyways?) are able to hold their own in the ring I've noticed. Roxxi Laveaux dropped her 'last name'. She is no longer "The Voodoo Queen" but now is Roxxi...a hardcore, char swinging, buzz-cut wearing force to be reckoned with; in spite of her small frame. Then there's one Knockout that even Ray Charles would have been able to see in a dark room...Awesome Kong. She may not be the prettiest Knockout on the roster, but she knocks down almost any and all challengers that come before her. I love watching the TNA Knockouts, they're a different breed of female wrestlers. Taking a look at the TNA roster there are...17 Knockouts on the roster.

Then we wait 23 hours later and tune in to the CW Network to watch the Divas of Friday Night SmackDown! Let's see who's on thatroster: current WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool, Natalya Neidhart, Victoria, Maria, Maryse, Cherry (oh wait, she just got released...there'll be another story on that soon to come)...there may be more but I can't even think of any more. Ok, I just looked on under SmackDown! Superstars...there's also Eve Torres but I noticed that Maria isn't even listed on the superstars page. I'm not sure why, but she's not. But there's a total of 7 Divas on that roster; a grand total of 17 Knockouts on the WWE roster. However, Lillian Garcia is not a wrestler, she's a ring announcer. So that's a total of 16 Divas on 3 different shows competing for 2 Championships. Speaking of which, what ever happened to Melina? She was getting very good in the ring, very aggressive and competetive. She had that "I Quit" match with Beth Phoenix and we haven't seen her since that night. I don't see her on the website, but I never saw anything saying she was released...but I'm pretty sure she was. Compare that to 17 Knockouts on one show, all competing for the same title. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where the highest level of competition is going to be based on those numbers. As far as the SmackDown! Divas are concerned the one with the most experience is Victoria. She is still a good wrestler, but not like she used to be; she's past her prime. Maria is getting better and better with every match, but nowhere near championship material. I'm always gonna root for Maria tho, she's from Chicago baby (well, Ottowa technically but who cares?)! Cherry was a joke, she needed to lose weight, had no confidence in her in ring abilities and was just overall bad. Maryse...the only thing I like about her is elle parle francais et je parle francais aussi.

I really don't even consider the Divas Championship a major title. Compare the hype of the WWE Divas Championship and the reaction Michell McCool got when she became the 1st ever WWE Divas Championship to the hype of the TNA Knockout Champion and the HUGE reaction given to Gail Kim when she overcame Awesome Kong to become the 1st ever TNA Knockout Champion. There is no comparison. Michelle McCool went from being in the Diva Search to being off TV for a few months; to being a personal trainer for RVD; to being off TV again for a few months; to being an "A+ Teacher" as the Manager of K.C. James ( aka James Curtis, another wrestler recently released by WWE) and Idol Stevens. They had a short run for the WWE Tag Team titles but they (as well as McCool) flew off the radar for quite a while...then next thing I know, she's back on SmackDown! as an active wrestler and she's competing for and winning the 1st ever WWE Divas Championship. Gail Kim won the WWE Women's Championship her FIRST NIGHT on TV and has been an active competitor for pretty much her whole career.

As I said in a different article...I think it was a big move to make the Divas Championship and get rid of the Crusierweight Championship. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of women's wrestling...when it's done right. I don't tune in to watch a Divas match to see some girl shake her T&A, I want to see them get the crap beat out of each other. That's why I hate girls like Cherry, Lena Yada and Maryse. Hell, even Kelly Kelly has stepped up her game a notch or two as of late, and so has Maria. Look at Michelle McCool...I talked about her rise to the top in the previous paragraph. Some women are just pigeonholed into that character I guess. Granted if it were either that or be unemployed...I'd flaunt what God gave me too. But from a wrestling fan's standpoint...I want to see more wrestling out of the female wrestlers these days. So when I want to see a good female wrestling match, I guess I'm just going to have to tune in to watch Monday Night Raw or Thursday Night Impact.