The WWE Blue Chippers

Jim MontgomeryContributor IAugust 16, 2008

      Within the WWE there are several up and comers that begin to be noticed by the fans and management that may one day lead to major pushes within the company. Through this article I will go over a few wrasslers that I believe are making major strides and may within the next year or two get in major angles or championship pushes.

The Miz

     Well I think it's pretty evident that the former "Real Worlder" has gone from someone that read his lines for the Divas contest on the back of his hand and someone that was gonna check your reality into a full on "Chick Magnet" and someone that is in one of the best tag teams of this era. I was really hoping that both him and Morrison would be traded to RAW this year, but I guess a main event slot on ECW is good enough for now. He's sold his character to the fans and has worked very hard at his craft to the point where many now accept and respect him as a main stay in the WWE. I see him as a future Intercontinental Champ and could rise even higher if he gets more over with the fans and progresses his character more.

John Morrison

     He's got the acrobatic exciting moves that has good 'ol J.R. saying that John reminds him of a young Shawn Michaels. With his ability and athleticism in using the ropes i'd say he's more of a combo of Shawn and Chris Jericho and with time and the hard work he puts in he could be at the main event level on RAW or Smackdown in a year or two. I think a Y2J-Morrison feud would be killer or even a Shawn Michaels- Morrison feud would be cool too.

Evan Bourne

      Look he lacks some size, but with his skills it doesn't matter. Anyone who's been watching ECW in the past few months can see how exciting this guy is. He brings something new to the table each week and escapes almost unscathed after the opponent realizes what just happened. He's starting to get bigger and bigger pops on ECW and after a few great feuds could insert himself on the ECW main event level. (I know great accomplishment.) But in a few years he's also a mid-level guy on RAW, and is the next Jeff Hardy or Rey Mysterio.

Kofi Kingston

     He's unconventional and it works, he's gotten a push for it too, in 8 months he went from squashing James Curtis in his debut to winning the Intercontinental Championship and having a match at Summer Slam. He will be bigger once he gets more feuds and angles under his belt he will get more championships.

Vladamir Kozlov

      He straight up destroys people and is getting heat when he does it, I think his size and persona in the ring will be too much for Vince to pass up. I mean if Khali's gotten like 5 pushes toward gold then why shouldn't someone that can wrestle and doesn't look like a total dope in the ring.

Paul Burchill

     He's got good size and charisma and it doesn't hurt that his "sister" is pretty hot, oh yeah, and he's frickin powerful and gets good heat for being a rich goon. He'll be a world champ someday and should have been on the card this year against Kofi Kingston. Even though Santino's the funniest and one of the most entertaining superstar in the WWE.

The Brian Kendrick

     His heel turn has put him on a course for mid level championship in the next year. I think he'll be in the Money in the Bank next year but not win it i.e) John Morrison this year. His bodyguard Zeke has also taken away concerns with height and is already a better figure in wrestling then Bam.

Written By. Jordan Basenback