Here's Hoping: One Fan's Wishes For SummerSlam.

Nicholas GrassoContributor IAugust 16, 2008

SummerSlam is Sunday night and while the card looks like it will be entertaining enough to watch, I can't help but feeling like there is something missing from one of WWE's flagship events.  I think that everyone is eagerly anticipating Hell in A Cell and while most are also looking forward to watching the 1st official Cena/Batista showdown, I'm not.  With that little teaser out of the way, here are my predictions for Sunday night:

Shawn Michael's "Announcement":  The eye injury angle has been a good one as a Jericho/Michaels feud is entertaining and their matches are always great to watch, but hopefully it will end Sunday night and HBK gets back to a normal schedule with a fresh new feud to bring to Raw.  When HBK is active, the WWE as a whole improves. 

Kofi Kingston and Mickie James v. Santino and Beth Phoenix - Winner Takes All Tag Match for IC/Women's Titles:  While some might look at this as a filler match, I am really looking forward to watching it.  Whoever in creative put Santino and Beth together should be promoted immediately.  This pairing works incredibly well as it capitalizes on Santino's strength, his mic skills, and creatively hides Beth's weakness, her mic skills.  Kofi is a great, athletic new talent and Mickie is the all-around best Diva in the company.  I can only hope that their styles mesh into an entertaining contest that get all of the characters over a little bit more. 

WINNER:  Santino/Beth with the twist that Beth will hold both titles. 

Jeff Hardy v. MVP:  I think this will be the sleeper match of the evening that will most likely be the second best match of the show behind Hell in A Cell.  I have a gut feeling that Shelton will be dragged into this match and it will be made into a Triple Threat Match for the US Title.  However if it's not, it will still a great match and will hopefully get Hardy over even more with the crowd; if that's even possible. 

Hardy if the match goes as advertised via DQ because of Shelton, Shelton retains if it's changed to a triple threat match. 

Matt Hardy v. Mark Henry - ECW Championship:  I think that most fans knew that when Matt Hardy got "drafted" to ECW, he was eventually going to get the belt.  Henry has been a decent enough transitional champ, but, Hardy is going to become the man on ECW and is getting his shot to show he can have great feuds while holding the belt. 

WINNER: Matt Hardy.

CM Punk v. JBL - World Heavyweight Championship:  I understand the storyline between these two: Old-school, beer-drinking, long tenure champ hating the new-school straight edge, unproven champ, but, I haven't been impressed by it.  Don't get me wrong, I was ecstatic when Punk got the belt a few weeks ago and think that he's doing a great job with the program and that JBL is the one who is dragging it down.  I honestly think that he means every word he says to Punk and really doesn't want to do this job for him. 

WINNER: Cookie Monster Punk

Triple H v. The Great Khali - WWE Championship:  There are two reason why this match is happening:  1. Stephanie recently gave birth to her and HHH's second child and he's been mostly off the road during the week due to this and isn't as sharp as he normally is, thus making a match with the extremely slow Khali; and 2. Khali's time left with the company is short because of his chronically bad knees in addition to other health problems that abnormally tall people have during their lives and the creative team feels like the need to use him while they still can.  All we can hope for is a quick and painless match that doesn't put a damper on the rest of the evening. 


John Cena v. Batista - First, let me start this prediction off by saying that I don't think that this is going to be a bad match, but, I don't think that it's going to be that good of a match either.  I understand that the majority of fans are looking forward to this match as it is the Rock/Austin, Hogan/Savage, Hart/Michaels, of this generation, however I think that the timing is wrong. Personally, I feel that if this was taking place 6 months to a year ago, it would have been much better and it would be more over with the fans.  Nevertheless, I still think it will be fun to watch and that the majority of fans will be into the contest, just not me. 

WINNER: Cena. 

Edge v. Undertaker - Hell in A Cell:  This card would be a disappointment without this match on it. In my opinion, Taker in Hell in A Cell with the right opponent is the main event of any card no matter where it is located within it. Edge is one of the few guys left in the company that can run with Taker in this type of environment and I hope that they're given at least 30-45 minutes to work with. Big bumps are expected in the Cell and it's always interesting and fun to think of how they are going to be pulled off or what twist is going to happen during the course of the match. I have a feeling that this is going to be an instant classic with both men giving their all to give us a possible match of the year candidate. 

WINNER: Taker.

SummerSlam usually never disappoints, and hopefully, I know that I used this word a lot during this, but, it's a theme people work with it, it doesn't disappoint this year either.