NCAA Football Week 5 Thoughts and Opinions: Cowboys, Hokies, Ducks Don't Quit

David HedlindAnalyst IIOctober 5, 2010

STILLWATER, OK - SEPTEMBER 05:  Kicker Dan Bailey #95 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys kicks a field goal during the college football game against the Georgia Bulldogs at Boone Pickens Stadium on September 5, 2009 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  The Cowboys defeated the Bulldogs 24-10.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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Never Give Up Part 1

On Thursday night, Oklahoma State found itself facing a 21-7 hole before coming back in the second half and scoring 28 straight. Now leading by 14, the Cowboys allowed Texas A&M to tie it up late in the fourth quarter. Oklahoma State was not about to let all that work be for nothing as they scored the game winning field goal as time expired.

Part 2

Favored and ranked North Carolina State took off to a 17-0 lead over Virginia Tech on Saturday afternoon but they let it get away.

The Hokies only put up seven in the first half but took the opening second half kickoff to the house to make the score 17-14.

The teams traded scores for a while but it was Virginia Tech getting touchdowns while NC State was settling for field goals.

With less than two minutes Virginia Tech scored to take the lead 34-30. On the very first play of the next drive, Virginia Tech intercepted the ball and scored again to make the final score a slightly misleading 41-30.

Part 3

What was being billed as one of the biggest games of the day, and possibly the year in the Pac-10, Stanford at Oregon got underway with everyone expecting a shootout. It started out promising with Oregon driving down and getting a field goal and Stanford responding with a touchdown. That’s when things changed.

Oregon fumbled and Stanford recovered, a couple minutes later it was 14-3. On the next drive, Oregon threw an interception. One play later it was 21-3 and Stanford looked like they were running away.

Oregon has one of the fastest offenses in the country, and they showed it quickly. After scoring a touchdown they converted an on side kick and took that in for a touchdown as well. By half time Stanford was leading 31-24.

After half time, it was a different story. Oregon scored 28 unanswered point and ran away with the game to the tune of 52-31.

Alabama and Everyone Else

Alabama pretty much put the SEC, and the nation, on notice with their owning of Florida. This is the projected SEC title game and everyone thought that this regular season game would be a preview. If that was the preview I will skip the encore. Sorry but 31-6 isn’t my idea of a high-profile, primetime game.

While there will be questions and controversies over the other rankings, Alabama has number one on lock.


Oh how unlucky the number was for Tennessee. Normally you hear 12 men on the field as someone gets confused and a team has one extra player. But two? I can understand one player getting confused but for two different players to do it seems more like a circus.

Denard Robinson

I don’t really see why Michigan fields a whole team when Robinson is the whole offense. Sure someone else might get a couple touches here and there, but for the most part it is the Robinson show and everyone else is just scenery.

He ranks third in quarterback passing rating. He leads the nation in rushing. Thanks in large part to him, Michigan is second in the country in total offense.

Tandon Doss

In their best attempt to beat Robinson and Michigan, Indiana put the ball in the hands of their own playmaker, wide receiver Tandon Doss. Doss did everything for Indiana, except score. Doss had 15 catches for 221 yards. He had a few carries, six to be exact, for 21 yards. He had five kick returns for 111 yards and one punt return for 10 yards.

That’s 363 yards of total offense but not a single point to show for it. Not that it is all about scoring, his multiple first downs and gains did set up a number of scores and help keep the game close.

Mark Dantonio

Okay, so I feel like I need to throw my two cents in here, not as a football fan, but as a medical professional and more specifically a vascular technologist.

I read a lot of message board stuff and it seems people don’t understand what is going on.

The heart attack and the clot in his leg are unrelated. It is more likely that the clot in his leg developed due to his recovery from the heart attack and stenting procedure. By the way it was a procedure not a surgery.

I am actually surprised they kept him in the hospital from Thursday to Monday. Typically, I have seen a hospital stay for this reason for only about two to three days.

There is no risk of him having another heart attack due to the clot in his leg. If he does have another it will be because of what is already going on in his heart and heart vessels. The risk he runs from the clot in his leg is a pulmonary embolism. Should the clot in his leg dislodge and travel it would find its way to the lungs where it would stop. Make no mistake, this can be just as deadly as a heart attack.


After so many games with undefeated teams locking up, we are left with 18 teams that have yet to lose a game.

As this week's games set up there are two games that will feature undefeated teams against each other.

In the Big Ten, Michigan and Michigan State will lock it up while in the Big XII Kansas State and Nebraska will fight for the lead in the North division.