Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots: Special Teams...You're Welcome

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2010

Tom Brady says thank you to the Dolphins with a peace sign.
Tom Brady says thank you to the Dolphins with a peace sign.Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Unbelievable, that's all there is to say about this game, Dolfans. Who else thinks the special teams coach Jon Bonamego needs to go bye-bye?

This was a game that the Dolphins were dominating through the first half. They just couldn't take advantage of what they had. In field goal range and Henning brings out the Wildcat, WAM! Three points out the window. Chad Henne throws a pick, WAM! Three points for the Patriots. Another pick, WAM! Three, possibly seven points out the window.

An offense that was effectively moving the ball gives up at least nine points, if not 13. So the difference of 27 points would be cut down to 14 just with that.

Special teams, the worst part of the night. The biggest reason this game ended up like it did was the fact that apparently, nobody on the Dolphins' special teams has a brain stem. Field goal blocked for a touchdown, not only gives the Patriots seven points but cost the offense three, so that's 10 points.

Then a kickoff returned for a touchdown gives the Patriots seven more points. Add in the blocked punt earlier in the game (second one in two weeks) and there's huge field position that gives the Patriots another seven points.

Special teams cost the Dolphins 24 points. So the original 27-point differential; which we already brought down to 13 by removing the Dolphin's offensive mistakes, is now at 11 points in the other direction.

Isn't it just saddening to watch a game that your favorite team should have won, only for the final score to look like a blowout for their opponents.

The Miami Dolphins just flat-out beat themselves, the Patriots didn't even have to try to win this game, it was handed to them on a silver platter. In basically must-win game, the Dolphins just blew it. They might as well kiss the division goodbye since they've already lost two home divisional games and the next time they play the Pats and Jets is up north in the middle of winter.

Pray for the second wild card spot Dolfans. Things look bleak the Phins are in a downward spiral. Bye week is up next and boy will that be a long week. Things look bleak, after the bye week the Dolphins play in Green Bay, then vs. Pittsburgh followed by, at Cincy, at Baltimore, and vs. Tennessee.

There's still a lot of football left Dolfans, but the Dolphins have absolutely got to fix their offensive and special teams problems. Mostly the special teams, that many blocked kicks and a kickoff return TD are unacceptable at any level of football. Get on your knees and look to the sky guys, and just hope that someone can hear your prayers.