WWE Heads To INDIANA With Last Major Pay Per View SUMMERSLAM!

Eric CollinsContributor IAugust 16, 2008

             As the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Heads towards this Sundays PPV (pay-per-view) at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis,IN a lot of the fans are hopeing that this PPV is going to be a great PPV to kinda make up THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH PPV that has held here in 2006. This past week these have been the final shows leading up to the matches. For someone who has been around the business this is usually when you are so amp about this Sunday that you really stop and look back what has been done over the last few weeks. But one thing is on A lot of peoples mind is that of the match between the two major guys right now in the Business John Cena and Dave Batista. i think this is gonna be the match that some people will remember, but this match also has the chance to be a total snooze fest. This is gonna have to be one that after the dust settles what people are thinking. 

               The John Cena vs. Batista match is not the only major match on the card. There in fact is gonna be 6 other major matches on the card including a announcement form WWE soon to be legend Shawn Michaels also know as the Heart Break Kid (HBK). I will come back to Shawn Michaels in moment, but for now i want to give everyone a recap of the other matches and what reason they might want to watch

               Edge vs. The Undertaker. This is one of the other most look forward to matches on the card while you may think this is just a normal match this will not be this one will be contested in HELL IN A CELL. In simple words a steal cage that will come down to the floor and both  competitors will fight it out until one walks away, but the one who walks away wont be getting away without being just as a bloody mess, but not as much as the loser. This whole match began right after the Great American Bash ppv where by accident edge speared his "wife" Vikki Guerrero which lead to Triple H retire the WWE Championships. the Friday Night SMACKDOWN after that Vikki told her "husband" that she reinstated the Undertaker, who lost a match at the Judgement Day ppv, and was banished from the WWE. Their would be a twist though what when she announce it though and that it would be in the Undertakers specialty match Hell In A Cell.

              MVP vs. Jeff Hardy. After the last 2 weeks of trying to win the United States Title Jeff Hardy has finally boiled over, and now will be taking on MVP due to his interference Jeff has won the match but due to it has been vie DQ Jeff has not won the title and now is ready to take all that bottle up anger out on MVP.

              John Cena vs. Batista. The most talked about match since it is the first time ever that these two have ever met since the enter the WWE about 3 to 4 years ago. They have teamed uped in the past and to have know ed to be good friends but now these two decide to wage war after JBL (John Bradshaw Layfield)  stepped out of the way of an attack and Cena hit Batista this is all in the same night that we found out that original American Gladiators host Mike Adamle was named the new General Manager of Raw. In a surprised he announced that for the first time ever it would be the leader of the chain gang vs. the animal.

             A Special announcement from HBK will happened at some point though out the night talking about his future with the WWE after his brutal match with Y2J Chris Jerico at the Bash pay per view last month  he had a server eye injury that made the match stop and the win was given to Jerico. On Friday August 15 he had his final follow to find whether he will continue to wrestle with the WWE on full or part time basis or if what a lot are fearing the the "showstopers" career is over.

             Kofi Kingston & Mickie James vs. Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix.  This is one of the four title matches of the night but what makes this match very interesting is that their is two belts on the line instead of the usual one (except when its the tag team belts then their is two; one for each member of the tag team) Both the Women's Championships and the Intercontinental Titles are one the line in a winner takes all. this match will be conducted as a mix tag team match where the winning team will win the titles. A lot of hatred has spilled since Beth Phoenix lost her women's title to Mickie James a few months ago now she teamed up with her new boyfriend Santino to take on Kofi, who is the first Jamaican wrestler to make it to the WWE, and Mickie. this match should be one a lot fans would want to see two really great wrestlers both in face (a good guy or gal) and the heels (a bad guy or girl).

                   Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy. This is the first of the three brand title that are on the line. The brand these two superstars represent is ECW (Extreme Championships Wrestling). with a brand new belt that was given to Henry after his win at the Bash, Mark looks to be successful in his first title defence for his belt. While Matt is looking to get over the mid card hump he has been in over the last few years and win his very first  major brand Title at SummerSlam.

                   Triple H vs. The Great Khali.This is the for the WWE title witch is the most sought after title in the Company. Triple H will have his hands full as he deals with a 7 foot, 400 pound man named The Great Khali. most people think that this match is gonna be the highlight of the night but in my personal opinion that Triple H should walk out with the title when the dust settles that night.

                   CM Punk vs JBL.This is the final title match of the night and is gonna be a big one. Since coming to the WWE CM Punk has been on a energy wave roller with the fans, he has won the ECW Championships, and at Wrestlemania 24 he won the convent Money in the Bank Briefcase; which holds a contract to face a champion anytime,  anyplace and anywhere even if they just got out of a dogfight or was jumped; CM Punk did just that after Batista took Edge to the cleaners and Punk used his Briefcase to win the tittle. JBL won a shot for the tittle after pinning Punk in a Triple Threat fight between him Punk and Chris Jerico where if in 10 minutes if neither JBL or Jerico could pinned either each other or Punk it would be a Triple Threat for the tittle. With the last second pin JBL won his shot and another chance to become a world champion, but with a red hot a crowed favorite CM Punk looks to move to become 2-0 at the Pay Per Views defending his title.

          Overall with all but four of the title belts on the line this really has a great chance to become a great chance for the WWE to repay its fans in Indiana with this PPV, and with this being the last major pay per view of the year we will see what will happens with the up to the minute posts on WWE.com and enjoy what should be some great slobberknocking fighting.