Sting: Destruction of a Character

Kevin WilliamsCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2008

Since Vince McMahon's buyout of WCW in 2001, many of WCW's top stars have spent some time in WWE. This includes Booker T., Diamond Dallas Page, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, and even Goldberg.

It's safe to say that every wrestler that has ever made it big has wrestled in the WWE. Even Sabu gave the WWE a try, although his time with the company was brief.

There is one man who has never stepped foot in a WWE ring, however: Sting.

Currently employed by TNA, Sting is a former World Champion in WCW. It is safe to say that he will never wrestle in WWE, because Steve Borden, the man known as Sting, will turn 50 next year, and although he is still a good wrestler, especially at his age, Sting is nearing the end of his career.

Before WCW was bought by Vince McMahon, Sting had been offered to wrestle in the then-WWF by McMahon. Borden says he turned down the offer to wrestle in the WWF out of loyalty to WCW.

After the purchase of WCW, many stars crossed over, including the ones named in the beginning of the article. Sting would be approached by McMahon again. Seeing as WCW had gone out of business, Sting was free to wrestle in the WWE. In fact, this may be the closest Vince has gotten to signing "The Icon".

As we all know, Vince McMahon, being Vince McMahon, had to blow it all away.

In an interview, Sting states that he was watching an episode of Raw during the invasion angle. There was a brawl in the ring, and in the end, the two men remaining were The Rock and Booker T.

The Rock then stared at Booker and says, "Who are you?"

That moment killed a lot of Booker's credibility with the fans. He was a five-time world champ, and in one fell swoop, he had to build his character all over again.

Apart from the heavy travel schedule, Sting's main reason for not signing on with Vince McMahon is because he felt his character would not be utilized properly. Sting is a wise man.

From 2002 to about 2006, we saw many WCW superstars become WWE jokes.

Scott Steiner arrived amidst the title picture in WWE. The next month, he was mid-carding with Test. DDP was given the gimmick of a stalker to the Undertaker's wife, Sara, then as a shrink to current TNA main-eventer (but former WWE mid-carder), Christian.

Goldberg actually managed to become World Champ, but would also become an upper mid-carder, and left the WWE after a forgetable match at WrestleMania where he was stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Booker T. managed to become World Champion, but not before becoming King Booker, and damaging his reputation among wrestling fans forever. In fact, surprisingly enough, the only WCW wrestler that actually had a better WWE career as opposed his already impressive WCW career is Rey Mysterio.

So with all this in mind, it leaves you pondering what would have happened to Sting if he had wrestled in WWE.

Maybe he would have been a multi-time champion. Then there's also the thought that he could have been DDP's partner in counseling other wrestlers.

Sting has been voted most popular wrestler in the world four times, among many other accolades. For him to wrestle under Vince McMahon would have been a huge risk, and probably the burying of an outstanding character.

Maybe if McMahon had stayed true to the characters of Booker T., DDP, and others, Sting might have been more eager to wrestle for him, knowing that he would still be the icon and not the jobber to unproven WWE talent.

How would Sting have fared in the WWE? I'm sorry to say that we wil never know. I commend him for not wanting to sacrifice all of his hard work just to work with Vince McMahon.

One thing about TNA is that they respect what they have in Sting. He works when he wants to, and his character was not, as he feared in WWE, damaged. Scott Steiner has redeemed himself, in my eyes, after returning to wrestling as a member of the TNA roster. As for Booker T., the damage has been done. I will never quite think of him the way I used to anymore.

Sting's days as a wrestler are numbered. Hopefully, there is one more TNA title run left in him. If not, i hope he can retire on top of his game, and on his terms.