BAM: New York Yankees Clinch The AL Wild Card: The Real Reason LeBron James Left

Kyle HowardContributor IOctober 4, 2010

LeBron with his new teammate wearing a Yankees cap.
LeBron with his new teammate wearing a Yankees cap.

No one will ever forget the sight of LeBron James sitting in Jacobs Field on October 4th, 2007, with a New York Yankees hat on while the hopeless Indians did battle against the Yankees. This should have been the only sign Cleveland fans needed that LeBron was going to leave. This winter while taking his "Talents to South Beach" LeBron won't have to worry about offending anybody while wearing his favorite teams hat. But enough about LeBron and why he left time to talk business... New York Yankee business.

The Yankees clinched the AL Wild Card on October 3rd. Almost 3 years to the date that LeBron decided to show his Cleveland faithful that there were bigger and better things than finishing with the best record. He wants to be like the Yankees. He wants to win Championships, and based on who he has surrounded himself with it seems like he will accomplish that goal. But back to the Yankees again, so this is two straight years they have made the playoffs.... does this mean we can start another streak? Lets go for something like 20 straight playoff appearances. However i do believe if we want this to happen we need to seriously bolster our pitching staff. Head to toe.


Lets focus on this post-season first though. What do we know about the Yankees coming into the playoffs? They were only able to win 3 out of the remaining 10 games of the regular season which dropped us to the AL Wild Card going on the road the entirety of the playoffs. Our starting pitching has been abysmal at best near the end of the season. 


We need these two guys to step it up in the post season big time. Burnett needs to get off the snide and start winning. Pitching like he used to for the Marlins and Blue Jays. And Javi we just need a decent 5 innings from you. Please. You guys are studs. Our pitching rotation should be the best in the league but it is what worries Yankees fans the most. But if we can get a solid pitching rotation for the playoffs with CC, Hughes, Pettitte, Burnett, and maybe Javi. But even a solid four man rotation would be dominant. Our lineup can put up the offensive production needed, if the pitching can hold the opponents.

Fist playoff series, Yankees at Twins... We should be able to win this. even being the away team. We should be able to pull off a game one win at the Twinkiees home stadium with CC pitching. The rest of the series should be a good one but it should hopefully end with the Yankees prevailing against the Twins.


ALDS- Yankees 3 - Twins 1

Yankees overpower the twins with offense.

ALDS- Rangers 3 - Rays 1

Rangers Pitching is led by Cliff Lee and C.J. Wilson

ALCS- Yankees 4 - Rangers 3

Yankees pitching comes through along with dominant offense.

NLDS- Phillies 3 - Reds 2

The Reds put up a good fight but can't quite beat the dominant pitching of the Phillies. Votto can only do so much...

NLDS- Atlanta 3 - Giants 2 

The Braves are able to make Cox's last season a great one.

NLCS- Atlanta 4 - Phillies 3

The Braves lets Cox leave baseball with an appearance in the World Series.

World Series- Yankees 4 - Atlanta 2

Coxs' retirement proves enough to get them to the World Series but not enough to beat the powerhouse of the Yankees


In the end the New York Yankees win their 28th World Series Championship. 

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